Monday, November 23, 2009

Emily's Baby Shower

On Saturday, I was one of the hostesses for Emily's baby shower. I had a great time helping put the event together with Jessie and Summer and celebrating the impending arrival of the new little one. Emily and Tom have decided not to find out the gender of their little one until the big day which will be one of many great surprises awaiting them. The shower was loosely Winnie the Pooh themed with invitations by Chrissie that I just loved. We had many tasty treats planned, but Tom's Mom also surprised us with a plethora of incredible, fresh egg rolls that I so enjoyed. In addition to tasty treats, the shower also featured the traditional present opening and chattering of friends and family.

After the presents, we had two craft projects. In one room, Tracie led a group in making the baby a fleece blanket. In another, Jennie and I helped orchestrate the scrapbook making for the baby. Tom and Emily's niece Alina was a big help both with the decorating before the party and with the scrapbook project. I really appreciated her help as well as her mom's and the rest of their family. I had a wonderful time and hope everyone else did as well.

Thank you to everyone that helped us out as I think it turned out really well. You can see pictures here. The guest book and favors are my handiwork. I'm sure you'll love the "baby lamb" cupcakes Jessie made with a little inspiration from Martha. Good Luck to Tom and Emily. We're so excited to meet your little one!

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