Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Last Day of Maternity Leave

For my last day of maternity leave we celebrated being a family. We slept in to a leisurely 8:30! Maggie graced us with the gift of only waking once around 5am and then going quickly back to sleep until 9am or so when we found her quietly talking to her butterfly mobile. The boys watched some of UP while I got ready for our trip to Norman. We pulled everyone together and managed to get on our way early! Maggie rode quietly the entire trip making it a more pleasant journey for everyone as B chatted away. In Norman, we met up with the Palfreymans for a leisurely brunch at Seven47. The food was delicious, the decor modern, and the company lovely. Baby Maggie got a bit restless, but all ended well. We bid our buddies farewell and headed over to OU's campus.

Campus is an odd mix of familiar and strange. In the eight years since my graduation, it has changed so much. M and I changed clothes and then we all met up with Lee Davenport to have Maggie's three month photos and our family pictures taken. It was leisurely and calm. We started with M's pics in the Baird Lounge and then went outside for some family fun on the lawn. I'll be fascinated to see how they turn out. I, for one, had a lot of fun doing it which is much different than the hurried experience we've often had before. I'm not sure we got many smiles out of M, but the few snaps I saw were quite sweet.

We made our way back home via Sonic, of course. Maggie made it all the way home calmly again-- definitely a record. At home, it was just a normal day. We did TONS of laundry and dishes, but some special fun too. B and I made and decorated a cake for the party at his school tomorrow. It was completely his design. An oval cake, as they have been studying ovals. It is strawberry chocolate chip with cream cheese icing. The finishing touch was blue sugar sprinkles that B selected at Hobby Lobby earlier this week as the one item there he most wanted. We decorated with abandon. We also made chicken tenders, sweet potato biscuits and peas for dinner. It was lovely fun.

B made it the entire day in underwear accident free even with all the driving and so proud of himself. Brent started to recover from a brief cold. M's tummy seemed a bit happier. The loads of laundry are done as are most of our many normal tasks. I began clearing out emails and thinking of what comes next. Maggie blessed me with many smiles as she drifted to sleep with Daddy. I exercised while Brent watched a little LOST online.

Now, one blog post for you and we begin to transition again. Able arrives on Monday to help me with the kids while I work and spend Thanksgiving with us. I have so enjoyed maternity leave this time. It has been a the right length as M has just started to settle down. B is back on track emotionally and with potty training. There are some breaks ahead in the calendar to ease me back into it. I'm still sad and worried about the move to childcare for M after Thanksgiving, but I know we'll work it out somehow. It is going to be tough and thanks in advance for your help. We're such a very lucky family and at our very best - together.

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