Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Bullets

So, it appears I haven't posted since Monday. It has been a very busy week. Below is a brief summary of the highlights, but I reserve the right to expand on them more in coming days. In short I/we have been:
  • Successful and fun Wii/Crop party to start the week.
  • Prepping for the Lam baby shower in Norman for Friday - my duties include two crafting projects, favors, dessert + cheese tray, linens, homemade guest book and more:)
  • Had permanent crown placed and two cavities filled.
  • M took up the "evening cry" (don't call it the C word...) which lasted about 2 hours most events, which led to...
  • Maggie had a Dr. Apt. and is now on Prevacid and some other med to work on her tummy issues.
  • B and I got our H1N1 Vaccine
  • Exercised 4 days in a row with the new Wii Fit Plus - much better than the original Wii Fit, I think.
  • M took long afternoon naps most days and is sleeping better at night.
  • Audra was here Monday so B stayed home to play:)
  • Went to Hobby Lobby twice w/kids -- quite the task.
  • Made cookies
  • Went to Crest with kids -- B learns that he wants everything in every store
  • B now narrates everything. Usually awesome, sometimes annoying.
  • Big cognitive leap in potty training. Takes naps in underwear, mostly successfully and wears it all day with accidents very very rare. Tells us when he needs to go just like the old days, but can now get undressed and usually re-dressed himself.
  • M continues work on rolling over and thumbsucking.
  • M weighed 17.5lbs at the Dr today--- wow
  • M very very cute, particularly when she smiles.
  • Attended jewelry party at Janna's on Monday.
  • Brent's students blatantly copying each others incorrect answers (correct ones in back of the book sometimes even...) yields much fuming.
  • A little work/thought on the upcoming December Daily Project via Ali Edwards as well as Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand Class. Thinking of combining both to help work on being "present" in December.
  • Vaguely working on Thanksgiving plans...
  • Met Ashtyn! So tiny and her parents seem to be doing well. We took them yummy things to eat and took pictures of Maggie and Ashtyn together.
  • Hit my head in the shower this AM so actually have a small goose-egg.
  • Loading pictures onto the computer from all of November! (Way behind)
  • Thinking about family picture session on Sunday in Norman.
  • Filled with mixed emotions as my maternity leave comes to an end and I "go" back to work on Monday.

As you can see, very busy, wonderful, complicated week we've been having and really this is just a glimpse. Hopefully, I'll be back with more pictures and detail soon!


Summer said...

We have been on prevacid for about 4 weeks now. We were on Xantac before that and it stopped working (heard that's common). It is helping A TON, although we still have some fussy feeds. Hopefully it will help out Miss M. No fun when they can't enjoy a good meal.

The Barlow-Nguyen's said...

Just reading your blog & all of the things you have accomplished makes me exhausted! :0)


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