Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Daily: Day 10 - Baby It's Cold Outside


Temperatures have been plummeting and winter is clearly here. When we ventured out to take Brendan to MDO yesterday, I came to the stunning realization that we really all needed to wear warmer clothes if it is going to persist in being 13 degrees with a 3 degree wind chill. Luckily, Grandma B bought Miss M this adorable bear suit earlier in the week (perhaps after hearing I'd taken her to a freezing outdoor parade at night...) It is wonderful! Just the thing and something I probably wouldn't actually buy in an attempt at not being frivolous, but completely love and wish there was one my size. So soft and warm and Maggie seemed to like it too. She smiled, giggled and fell fast asleep while we were out and about in her new snuggly wonderfulness. Granted, it is now a balmy 30 degrees or something, but definitely still winter and winter doesn't get any more adorable than this!

Ps. I just learned of this project and book today and wanted to share the I Love Lucy Project with you. Check it out and send some prayers this family's way. Lucy was on our short list of names for baby Maggie so perhaps that is making it all the more poignant for me.

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