Monday, December 14, 2009

December Daily: Day 13 = Maggie's Big Day

Our activity for Day 13 was trying new things. We tried several things, but Maggie took the day with trying her first solid food. She had been demonstrating some interest in what we were eating, was eating more, and was so hungry during the night. We decided to give it a try and She LOVED it! She was so excited and happy the whole time. She enjoyed the high chair, the food, the attention, the spoon! She ate two small bowls on her first attempt. I think Santa may bring this little lady some bib, bowls and spoons to head her off on her next adventure. It was so neat to watch her try this and to enjoy it so much. I think she is feeling better. Later on, when we were preparing for round two, she watched Daddy's spoon intently while he ate and clearly wanted some of what he had. Welcome to the table baby girl!

(Ps. There are MANY more pictures in our December album in Picasa.)
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