Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily: Days 11 & 12

Day 11: Santa

On Friday, both my kids had their first visit to Santa in an outing with the Hoppers. We walked into the mall, found no line and walked right up. Maggie was pretty ambivalent about Santa and B, as expected, was a bit worried/scared. He would sit next to Santa as long as I was nearby, but did not talk. I bought the picture of the big event on a flash drive....and then lost it, apparently. I didn't care too much about having their picture with Santa, but somehow having had it taken and lost it makes me really sad. Maybe I'll find it in my car, or somewhere.... Meanwhile, this picture of Maggie as we headed out will have to suffice.

Day 12: Party Time!

We journeyed to Tulsa for the OU Crew's annual sweet swap/Wainright house warming/Eric's Birthday party. Brendan had a wonderful time with all the toys. Brent got to play fun games we don't play at home. I enjoyed chatting with everyone and Miss Maggie met new friends and got lots of snuggles. It was a wonderful day and our first Christmas party this year.
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