Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Daily: Days 2 & 3

It is a bit worrisome that I'm already a bit behind on the third day, right? In any case, here are the last two days.
Day two: Advent Calender

Grandma B made us a fabulous Advent Calendar quilt and filled it with wonderful daily surprises. It is fun and simultaneously teaching Brendan and all of us a bit about patience. Patience is, after all, one of the key lessons of Advent. So far, B wakes up each day excited to see what the pocket holds and treats have included a balloon, candy, and a Gingerbread man Christmas ornament.

Day Three: Edmond Christmas Festivities
This evening, we attended the Edmond parade of lights and Christmas tree lighting. It was Freezing. I was ready to bail out on the parade when it had not started 15 minutes past the scheduled time, but just as we were walking away the parade started. Brendan loved it! He was so excited about the lights, vehicles, marching bands and Santa! I am so glad we stayed and I loved sharing this experience as a family even though we were all so cold by the time we made it back to the car.
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