Saturday, December 5, 2009

A few of our favorite things: Richards Ladies

I thought I'd share a few of our favorite things both to capture where we all are right now and also as ideas for those looking for gifts for us or others.


Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether* - This teething giraffe is Maggie's very favorite thing. All the other teething things are too big, but this one is just right. It has plenty of little things to chew on, is soft, and squeaks! How I wish we'd found this earlier and big thanks to the Vos for buying this for us.

Crocheted Blankets - Not sure where to suggest you buy these as Aunt Audra & Zach's mom are our suppliers, but my kids love them. They really like getting their fingers between the strands so if you're looking for one for the baby in your life look for one with room for little fingers! I can't vouch for this shop, but this looks promising too, if you don't know Aunt Audra.

Curly Sweater Hat: This was a present from my Aunt Laurie and it is keeping Miss M warm on our freezing outings of late. Cute, easy and she keeps it on! We're all very happy.

Avent Bottles: Ok, not as much fun, but as this is literally the thing she uses the most I feel like we have to include it. Some people don't like these and have issues with leaks, but we're happy with them.

Tiny Love Gymini - M spends a fair bit of time in here and seems to love it. Some days she spends a lot of time shaking the rattles and making music with the wind chime attachment we have. Other days (Ok today) she just falls asleep.

Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing - We have an older version of this that is aquarium themed. Brendan tolerated it, but M seems to like it. She can pull on the various handles to activate the music and spends more time doing this than actually swinging.

Generally - M loves blankets (has many many blankets), small toys she can chew on, and just starting to be interested in rattles. Mostly, she is fascinated by our family; particularly big brother.


Nikon D40 - One year in, I'm LOVING my DSLR. It goes everywhere with me and I like the photos I'm getting. It is big, but usually not a problem. B is getting in on taking pics with it as well so quite easy to use as well.

Pink Paislee Scrapbook Stuff- Ok, so I don't "have" a lot of this yet of this this just yet, but this is my favorite scrapbook product line at the moment and not available locally. I am particularly loving their Christmas collection "Mistletoe & Co." (hint, hint). Ok, fine. I'll just buy myself some.... after Christmas.

Letter Tag Necklace - I have a tag with each kid's initial and love it. Probably my most worn jewelry. Audra introduced me to this vendor recently who also has some tempting alternatives.

Blackberry - Yes, I'm a late adopter, or just cheap. That said, my new work Blackberry is making life so much better and my day so much more pleasant. I can't wait to get my Google phone as my personal cell phone next year.

Grey Sweater Wrap Dress - Yes, I'm still in transition clothes. No, I've not made any weight loss progress in the last month. Pretty much off plan... Meanwhile, I love this dress which most of you saw in our family pictures and many more will see during holiday festivities. Pretty, simple and the right price for a transition wardrobe.

Black & White Damask Album
- I made the switch to American Crafts D-ring 12x12 albums this summer both for photo storage and my scrapbooking. They are usually in a variety of colors, but recently they just introduced patterns and you'll find this one at my house. (Ps. I do love damask as I also use and love this camera strap

Thickers - My favorite specific scrapbooking product of late. They are wonderful. I basically love any color, style or font and have amazed a portion of my collection from grab bags and have always been pleased. No, they are not cheap, but I find them on sale and they make me so happy!

Wii Fit Plus - This is where I'm getting most of my exercise these days and I like it a lot. It is much improved over the original Wii Fit and probably warrants its own review post. For now, it is a great solution to my need to workout at home and have enough alternatives to keep me interested.

Generally: I'm loving simple easy jewelry. I wear earrings all the time and find all sorts of things on etsy. Scrapbooking stuff is wonderful and I'm doing more of this again. I'm enjoying exercising on the Wii and trying some other games to keep me motivated too.

What are a few of your favorite things? Anything on your Christmas list you think we might like? I'll do a similar post of the guys' favorite things soon.

*Yes, all links are affiliate links.

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