Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Third Birthday (Part I)

We had Brendan's family Birthday party on Saturday and it was a blast. (Pun somewhat intended as it was a space/ robot theme). Sadly, my parents and Brent's Granddaddy and Ellen were all sick and unable to attend. The fun started the day before though with lots of baking and other preparations that my parents did get to share in.

This morning, we woke up to some final preparations before our guests arrived. Maggie put on her party dress (on loan from Serenity - we LOVE it). B, got a little impatient as the decorations had gone up the night before and he was ready to get the show on the road. I, of course, made recipes I hadn't tried before, which is always an adventure, but they turned out relatively well. I tried to keep it simple and only made a breakfast casserole, fruit salad, and maple oat scones. Oh, well and the two different birthday cakes- one alien space ship and one robot:) Everything was very blue with blue cake, blue decorations and blue ice cream with gummy bears (courtesy of Grammy and Granddaddy).

Brendan was screaming excited when people did come and it was a lovely family time. B did not cry during the Happy Birthday song this year (thankfully). He didn't each much brunch, but dug deeply into the cake and ice cream:) Afterwards, the kids played together and the adults loved watching and jumping in where appropriate. B got lots of fun new toys and shared relatively well with others. Kaedyn get the present opening on track as B kept wandering off to play with new things and she kept helping him with the remaining stack.

Maggie was a doll and perfectly good as she was passed around. John is still in love with her and tried to hang out with her whenever possible. Our newest family member, Roman, joined quietly in the festivities today as well. Such a tiny little guy! We have much more celebrating to do in the next week or so, but this was a wonderful way to celebrate our sweet boy. Thanks to everyone and hugs to my special little man!

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