Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

 (This MAY be the first in an occasional series this year of Ten things I'm thinking about on, well, Tuesdays...)

1.  My Maggie can sit up by herself.  Maybe not for long, but is amazing and cool.  A little surprise a bit earlier than I'd expected.

2.  I AM going to write up M's 5 month post as soon as I have time to breath.  Last week was my first back at all my jobs (Drexel just re-started) and we have birthday fun for nearly the next two weeks.

3. I've started trying out water aerobics with Bethany and actually kind of love it.  It is tough to be away for a long time on a weekday evening, but love the new exercise.

4.  B is having two or more birthday parties.  He is such a blessed boy, surrounded in love.

5.  Jessie's sister Jackie had her little girl last week so a big welcome to Eliana Michelle and happy hugs for the parents.

6.  My sister is having a BOY!!! Yippee! This was a big surprise to find out this afternoon and I'm so excited.  My SIL, MIL, myself, my grandmothers, her SIL and more have boys first so lots of boy love around.  It will be my second little nephew:)

7. B now pretends his Elmo ipod of sorts from Janna is his "phone" and we talk to each other with me using my Blackberry which is a similar shape.  We've dubbed it his IPhone:)

8. Our Christmas tree is still up... and I haven't quite finished December Daily so apparently clinging to the beauty of the season.

9. Brent has a class this semester that is so large they may have to have it in the auditorium (Note, this is actually only a few more than 20 students, but he is quite the popular Prof these days:)

10. I am flying to DC for work in less than a month and just a little nervous about being away from baby M for the first time, but very excited to see my friends and colleagues.  A little tricky to balance both feelings at once....

Hope your Tuesday is full of wonderful things!

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Tracie said...

Yeah!!! Audra is having a baby boy! Tell her Congrats for me :)


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