Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend and  I thought it might be good to chronicle a bit of our goings on for a snapshot to reflect on later.  Sort of like my "This Week" project in miniature (and apparently with no pictures as I don't think we took ONE, if you can imagine!)

 On Saturday, we got to sleep in until about 8am, which really feels lovely. I got up once with Maggie, but was back in bed in less than 30 minutes.  Our morning included a leisurely breakfast, coffee and errands.  We split in to boy and girl teams for errands, which worked, but made me feel like I had less time with Brent.  My mom dropped by for a few hours and had a great time with the kids.  Conveniently, B was awake for several hours and then when he went to sleep M was up so there was the opportunity for some focused Grandma time with each.  My Mom and I then went on a Target run together with no kids and a leisurely pace. I was great fun.  When we returned, she headed home and I hung out with Brent and Maggie for awhile before going to bookclub.  Bethany and I car pooled to book club in Norman which made the drive much more fun.  I admit that for the first time I hadn't actually read the book, but had a wonderful time laughing and chatting with my girls anyway and crawled into my bed very late to chat with my wonderful hubby. 

Sunday, we got to sleep in AGAIN and took our time getting ready, having breakfast and playing puzzles.  Then we went to the "new parishsoners" brunch at St. John's.  We formally joined a few months ago, but haven't done a great job of attending.  I thought the brunch was a great introduction to the church community.  I was particularly delighted by the focus on community and community service which were the forces that brought Brent and I together in the begining.  We even met a little guy named Asher who was born the same day as Maggie!  We went to Mass after the luncheon and I think it went pretty well.  Catholic masses are good for little kids in that things change a lot.  There is a lot of standing up, sitting down, singing, listening, group prayers, kneeling, walking up for communion and various combinations of these throughout.  B mostly wanted to sing all the time even when you are supposed to be listening to the cantor.  I think the multi-color pen courtesy of Aunt Jamie's elves and the hymnal  full of things to read/sing saved the day as far as keeping him busy.  Maggie napped most of Mass on Brent's shoulder which was just too adorably sweet. 

At home, we had a quick lunch then time for B's nap.  Not that much later, M was fell asleep watching Brent play his new Mario game.  I had big productive plans for naptime, but ended up napping myself with my head on Brent's lap while he played.  Granted, this only lasted an hour or less, but it was lovely.  After M woke up, I did some quick pre-Birthday party shopping before dinner.  We chatted with Brent's parents while we made steak, corn on the cob and french fries. 

Dinner is more entertaining all the time as we continue to try to convince M to eat an ongoing variety of mostly orange vegetables that she is mostly not interested in.  Otherwise, not too eventful.  M required a bath following the orangeness so B and I played for awhile as we entered our normal bedtime rituals.  Sunday means trash night so that is the only difference from regular days.  We made it through the cycle with minimal stalling from B for once and Miss M even manged to get to sleep relatively quickly.  Brent and I wanted a Daily Show episode together before I chatted with my Mom and did my Wii Exercises for the day.  Now, just winding down and reflecting on what a busy interesting life we lead.

I am so thankful for my husband, kids and our family and so looking forward to our whatever our lives may hold.

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