Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoughts of Spring!

1.  LOVE this Camera Strap from Shey [B]! Granted I'd never pay $75 for one, but maybe can find a way to put some cool fabric roses on my existing white damask one....

2.  These little birds also struck me as a cute image of spring and probably pretty fun for little ones. They also have some very adorable flower headbands.  (Via Born With it)

3.  Then, I stumbled on to these springy robots (is there such a thing?).  The price and shipping are a bit steep, but very cute stuff.

4. This isn't so much something you buy as something you make, but doesn't this sound delicious --- Almond Macaroon Torte with Chocolate Frosting.

5. I love the hats at this store as well, particularly this eggplant one.  Miss M is so cute in purple and about to out grow all her hats so I may splurge.... (Via Toile Tales).  There is also a Toile Tales giveaway going on at Everything Etsy.

6.  Also just a few more garlands for you via The Violet Hours.

7. I love this Sweet-Shop idea via My Life- My Loves and may do something similar for my sister's baby shower.  This one is so very spring-like!

8.  There are so many cute and colorful bags at Ketti Handbags.  They are always sold out, but a girl can dream, particularly as my buddy Tracie already has one (envious)....

9. And how could I not have a spring dress in the collection? This one from Kohl's is cute, very affordable and now in lady M's collection!

10.  In remembering previous springs we've enjoyed I made the below post of B's last spring in DC just after turning one and just learning to walk.  I love it!

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