Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

You know what's weird? I look forward to this post every week, but suddenly when I sit to write it I draw a blank. It is mysterious.

1. Remember way back here when I was awaiting Lady M's arrival and trying to appreciate Summer? One of the things I mentioned was sun dresses.  I am gingerly embarking on a plan to wear more dresses and skirts. I've added a few new skirts to my collection and so far am enjoying it.  Having Maggie along in her cute skirts and dresses definitely makes it more fun.  I'll be interested to see how it goes and continue to prowl for some cute ones for the summer.  (See, random, right?)

2. Still loving Zumba and joined the Oklahoma facebook group to try and find a Zumbathon to attend.  (Zumbathon is usually several hours straight of Zumba, as you probably guessed).  I have no interest in running a marathon, but am super excited that my Bro is running one soon! I am excited to try the Zumbathon and some friends in DC recently did it.  I'm also thinking of buying this Zumba DVD Set. Zumba DVDs, but am waiting for Chrissie's review.

3. We, at long last, bought B Toy Story  and Toy Story 2.  I've now seen each more than once and you know, these actually were really good movies and I'm excited that Toy Story 3 will be B's first movie theater experience.  For the moment, it has spawned a strange obsession with Toy Story Fruit Snacks and sleeping with the Zurg he got from Granddaddy.

4. This was a Wii/Crop weekend.  I had a fabulous time crafting with Tracie, Chrissie and Jennie! They were a huge help on moving my prep along for Audra's shower.  Thanks ladies!

5. M really prefers feeding herself to being fed.  She is such an independent little lady.  It is also handy as I can cook while she eats dinner.

6. Miss M's new favorite game is chase.  She will follow you around the house in her speedy little girl crawl.  Granted, she usually appears sometime after you've arrived, but it is adorable.

7. Still pondering the Easter Dress situation for Maggie.  We have a few existing dresses that would work, but still have this temptation to buy the traditional big Easter dress, yet haven't found any I actually like.  Leaning towards wearing what we have as we got some very cute ones last weekend.

8. New quick dinner favorite and even relatively healthy:

Ingredients: 1lb chicken tenders, 1/2 pkg taco seasoning --- Turn on your broiler, cover the chicken in taco seasoning, place on broiler pan and cook for about 6 minutes.  It is really tasty and pretty healthy too. (In fairness, adapted the idea from this recipe).  B even ate it!

We served it with Italian flat green beans and a random wild rice pilaf I made up (1 c. wild rice, 1/2 c. dried cranberries, 1/2 tsp oregano, 1 tsp butter, a little salt--- cooked according to the rice directions with just a bit more water as the cranberries will soak some up).  Very tasty and easy too.

9. As Erik White told me the day we moved in the paint in our house is no good so we continue to paint areas a bit at a time.  Next up, we're thinking painting an accent wall in the kitchen.  The wall is yucky as it is near the trash can (and I have a small boy and bad aim).  Currently, it is that delightful builder's beige.  There aren't many colors at all in our kitchen just now so I'm very open to suggestions if anyone has any....

10. Next up, trying to help the Easter Bunny along with my kid's baskets.  So far have some books, but needing a few more ideas, particularly for M who doesn't eat candy.  I know she has no clue, but it is something I want to do so we shall see. (Ideas welcome as always). If you are looking for Easter book ideas you can read my earlier post here).

I'm looking forward to a fun week, and a sad farewell to Ms. Maureen.  Also, hoping to recover from this weird cough I've acquired.  Hope you have a great week too!

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