Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Week in the Life wind-up:  I have some adorable farm pics to upload and finish the Week in the Life series.  Then I will print all the collages and journaling and be all set.  I'm cautiously optimistic it will get done in the next two weeks and excited to see how ti turns out.  After that, I think I'll make Able an album for the marathon, maybe, we'll see what I can dream up.

2. You may recall that I mentioned in the Friday post that B went to the Dr. and was more or less cleared.  Late, Monday we got a message from his nurse and we reached her today to discover he has strep.  He actually seemed much better by now anyway, but is happily taking his Watermelon flavored antibiotics and doing well if just a big emotional and tired.

3. After all that excitement (including missing Zumba again! and issues with picking up his meds, + working on lack of childcare on Wednesday because he can't go to MDO or anywhere with kids until 24 hours post meds) I picked up Lady M who had been great this morning.  She had, within the last 30 minutes, come down with a fever and become a very fussy baby.  She will be seeing the Dr. in the morning and was moaning and complaining most of the evening.  Sweetly snuggly though and doing her best to play until she would remember she feels  badly.

4. B informed us (during Audra's visit) that there is a baby in his tummy too.  So far, we know it will be born after Zane, is very small, and will come out probably through is belly button using a ladder.  So far, he reports feeling fine.  He subsequently informed us that Maggie has a baby in her tummy too, but that Brent and I do not.  The conversations around this point have been hysterical.  It is just wild to listen to him talk very seriously about it.

5.  B is also fixated on the word "silly." I suspect that this is Brent and I's doing as we do call lots of things silly, I've noticed.  He will tell you that the silly moon is up or that I'm a silly mama (usually when I forget something).  He says it in the most hilarious voice too. I love it.

6.  Baby Lady is getting much closer to standing.  She stood a few times holding only my finger and may have stood on her own very briefly today.  She is also mastering the art of falling down and has much more controlled graceful transits to her bum these days.

7. I feel like we're in recovery mode from the weekend.  The house is still in pieces and everyone is sick and/or tired.  At the moment, we have no weekend plans and I would just love to sleep, scrapbook or read and put our house back together while the kids get better.  We'll see if we manage that.

8.  I talked to my dear friend Heather this evening and compared gardening notes. It is amazing how different the stages of our gardens as hers in NY is just starting out still while we already routinely get leafy greens and a few other little things from ours.  In good news, the cucumbers, acorn squash, beets, parsnips and some flowers have finally sprouted in the second half of the bed as I was worrying about little progress there.  We also planted some marigolds in that section that my mom brought us.  For all that we focus on the back garden mostly this year, the front is much more beautiful just now with large pink tulips and white iris that stand as high as my shoulder.  So beautiful!

9. It was so sad and hard to say good bye to my sister this time knowing that I probably won't see her again until after Zane arrives.  She has a very tough path ahead and I wish I could help her more with it.  We love you Audra!

10. Fell off track a bit on the exercise/weightloss with all the celebrations and people here this weekend.  Scandalously haven't been to Zumba in a week and am so sad about it.  I am going to try to find a class tomorrow evening and return to my proper "on plan" eating ways as it was working so well. I can see a difference in the pictures from this weekend and I love it so I hope that inspiration will get me back on the straight and narrow.

I'm off to bed as tomorrow promises to be another wild one. Have a great week!

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Summer said...

#4 cracks me, as we have similar convos at our house about this all the time. it verges on the border of obsession. she told me today that she AND claire have a baby in their bellys, and they will use c's high chair when they come out. sometimes she tells me that i do too and it makes me want to get a test, even though i know it's not possible. it freaks me out. the ladder is a new one though, i'll have to mention that to her and see her thoughts.


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