Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Little Red Fire Truck Book

On Saturday, for the first time in ages we had absolutely no plans beyond taking the recycling to the recycling center.  I loosely hoped to go to Barnes & Noble to support the El Paso Youth Symphony Orchestra's Book Fair (remember these folks, we helped them get the $10,000 grant this winter and you can read about them in this week's People Magazine). This time around, they had this cool book fair where you could participate wherever you lived by just providing the voucher when you made a purchase at Barnes & Noble (Yes, ideally I would have told you about this while it was still going on,  my apologies). The point here, other than that I like supporting friends and the arts is that B found a really cool book.

My Little Red Fire Truck (Paula Wiseman Books)
My Little Red Fire Truck book is three-year old's dream (ok, at least my three year old's).  Each page has different interactive things to do as you help get the fire truck ready for the day.  There is a cardboard nozzle that comes out of its place on the page to put the diesel in the tank, a pretend air gauge comes out and you put it in little slots to check the tires, there are other cool cardboard tools and activities as well.  I love that the cardboard is really sturdy and thick so not easily destroyed by being pulled and pushed as they are handled. Every page is interactive making for a very thick, but very engaging book.  I admit I had planned on buying  The Curious Garden and probably will the next time, but for yesterday at least this was the perfect book for a very curious three year old.  And a relaxing family day was just what all of us needed.

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