Monday, May 10, 2010

We are OK

Just wanted to let you know we weathered the storms today.  I hear varying reports as to how many tornadoes came through the Oklahoma today, but perhaps as many as 15.  The storm moved quickly, but hit just at rush hour. This normally wouldn't have been much of an issue for me, but I needed to pick up Brent so we could get his car before the tire place closed.  That didn't happen. Instead, B and I watched Gary England and the storm move by while we made "Tornado Cookies" and looked for our flashlights.  I pondered how to explain tornado sirens in an accurate, but not scary way.  Brent took shelter in the OSSM dorms with sirens blaring there as well.

In the end, we were all reunited (save the Jetta which I guess is in the shop until someone will help Brent retrieve it).  Everyone will have to pile in the car at 5:30 in the morning to take me to the airport it seems.  The storm did seem to blow away some my own little dark cloud of stress and work worry that has been following me around, oddly enough, which was nice. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our fellow Oklahomans that suffered damage and loss this day.

As usual, I was quite impressed by the storm coverage here. They have incredible technology, the residents are well trained and the warnings timely and useful.  The adrenaline and urgency of the weather coverage was just as I remembered. I'm seriously thinking of buy myself one of these shirts. Anyone interested?

Hope you and yours are safe and well this evening. I will try to pop in for 10 on Tuesday tomorrow - DC Edition! In the meantime, I need to pack and ponder life without my sweet, snuggly little ones nearby for a couple days....

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Heather said...

So glad to hear you are ok! I was looking for news of your town, but this was a much more efficent way to get the word out!


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