Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Previously on Ten on Tuesday: I mentioned we watch LOST. Yesterday, (yes a day late) we watched the finale.  I think Brent and I were as satisfied as we expected to be.  I did, however, LOVE this video highlighting what remains unanswered.

2.  Here's a problematic intersection of life phases - we have a 3+ year old that suddenly is playing with stickers more and a 9 month old that puts everything in her mouth = LOTS of pulling stickers out of M's mouth. She finds them everywhere somehow no matter how many I pick up and throw away. I suppose we could look at it as though she is helping me clean....

3.  Yesterday also marked the most visitors to this blog in a single day EVER.  I suspect it was a combination of being on Ali's blog (although this blog wasn't linked so I'm not sure they could find their way here) and a re-tweet by Stacy Julian of Friday's post.  Whatever the reason, welcome to any newbies.  We're glad to have you!

4.  This evening, I took a little me time and visited my own Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) as distinguished from the big chains (think Hobby Lobby) Paper Crown is owned by local people and has a lot nicer, newer products.  I had a great time and love that Brent is so supportive of me wandering off and doing things like that.

5. Meanwhile, it turns out Brent was home having a stubborn off with a certain little boy who refused to taste his apricot at dinner.  B literally had not moved from his chair since the time I left an hour before and didn't get to play at all, just straight to bed. This may have been a draw and was totally illogical as we all know he loves apricot fruit snacks, so why he wouldn't eat this I'll never know.  In any case, just weird.

6. This weekend we went to Kaedyn's fourth birthday party. (Her mom is Brent's cousin Janna).  It was lots of fun.  I'm still new to the kid party circuit, but did really enjoy watching Kaedyn and B together.  All the kids are so cute and I think everyone had a great time!

7. I am doing well with my ongoing goal of at least a layout a week.  Here is one from this week that I made Sunday evening while Brent was at work.  Tracie came by just to chat and craft, which I love.  The layout is about the series of faces Maggie is making in pictures and I love how it turned out.

8. Maggie's 9 month pictures are in!  I don't have the files yet, but you can sneak a peek at this link.  The password is: maggie

9. Brent's semester is wrapping up.  He has given his finals already and is busily grading and getting ready for the summer research program he runs.  It is very time consuming and not something I look forward to.

10.  I realized that my sister is due in just about a month.  It is amazing to marvel at how much everything will change for her and Zach.  I am so excited for them and delighted that we'll get to come visit and meet baby Zane in July!

Hope you all are having a great week and I'll be back with more stories soon.  Thanks to Chrissie, Erin and Jennie for playing along with the Five on Friday theme!

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