Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photography for Four

It is pretty rare that all four of us make it in to the same picture.  The logistics required to get everyone in the same space, relatively still and having someone around to take the picture rarely collide.  We did have fabulous family pictures taken last November and will again this year, but I find that I really treasure the occasional random times we're all captured together as we should be.

 You may recall the nifty remote that my FIL got me for Christmas that resulted in a Week in the Life collage.  It also appears to be just the solution for the occasional random family picture.  B re-discovered it this week and was holding one of his on self-directed photo-shoots.  He cajoled everyone into the picture below. It definitely is not perfect like the professional photographs I love, but I know it is one I'll treasure as it captures us in the random moment of an everyday afternoon.

He got a pretty cute sibling picture too.  Thanks to my enthusiastic budding little photographer and this very neat remote!
(What is that tongue always doing out Maggie?)

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