Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome Baby Zane!

My baby sister is a Mom!  It is what she has always dreamed of and she is so very happy. Zane Able Korenak arrived on June 19, 2010 at 8:09.  The stats are:
Length: 21.75 inches
Weight: 8lb. 7oz.

Don't they all look great?  That little guy is seriously adorable.  My sister was a trooper!  It was just over 13 hours of labor and she sounded great and very positive each time we talked.  I love that I got to chat with her during this momentous experience.  I am so looking forward to meeting the little guy in a month!  My kids (ok really just B) are pretty excited too.  I am just thrilled for the new parents and to have a new member of our family.  We love you so much Korenak Krew and we'll be with you through the journey and glad to help however we can!


Mary said...

Please pass on my congrats to Audra! What a handsome little guy :)

Tracie said...

He looks like he is already smiling at the camera!! What a great pic!

Sarah said...

My birthday buddy is sooo cute! He looks perfect, congrats to the new parents!


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