Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Living

In which I compare being a WAHM to study abroad --- Right. Ok, so my friend Amber is currently living in London and just did a great post about her trip to Paris which brought back all the fantastic memories of study abroad there.  (During which I came to the stunning realization that that was a decade ago).  In any case, she managed to see so many of the highlights in a very short time that I spread out slowly over weeks as I was busy just living there and got into the usual routine of life and school.

WAHM-world, like so many things is much like that too.  You just sort of coast, hang out, do the same things and keep meaning to do all those cool things like the Eiffel Tower and what not (Ok, in Edmond more like story-time at the library).  As with Paris, when I first started this gig I did lots of cool activities that you plan to do with kids, but then sort of fall into these lulls. This wacky month of June, I recently decided to try to reclaim all the cool things that summer can be. I talked about little things earlier like the adventures at the farm (oops, still owe a post about that,hmm).  Then, with my usual over-ambitious tendencies we did a lot of summer living in the last few days.  I loved it (and am exhausted).  Our adventures included a gradual build up to today's crazy Summer Livin'.  Here's the run down.

- Wednesday, we headed back to Unpluggits with the Hoppers (post-Zumba) after a couple months away.  It was a great cool way to spend a couple hours.
- Thursday, Brent and I went to the Redhawks game with his students (as described here).
- Friday, B and my Mom came up with the idea of a bug book to catalog B's bug finds.  So, B and I started the project in a mini-album I had around by decorating the cover and finding pictures to print of the specimens we have observed thus far.  (More on this to come so you can join in if you want).
- Saturday, Brent, Bill and I took B to his very first in-theater movie - Toy Story 3!  We opted for the non-3d version and think it was the right choice.  We all had popcorn and soda and got ready for the big show.  It was big, loud, exciting, a little scary and hit all the emotional buttons.  I might have cried.  B covered his ears, but I think generally did great.  So fun!
- Sunday, we chilled in the morning with our normal Father's Day Starbucks ritual.  B picked our first tomato to give to Grammy as promised. We then spent the entire afternoon at Brent's Granddaddy's house lounging in and around the pool.  We baked in the heat and were exhausted by the time we got home. (Good news, no sunburns!)  We gorged on pizza, laughed with cousins and enjoyed the fun of little kids playing in water.  So cool!
-Then came today.... I decided I was tired of sitting around the house and at about 8:15 decided it was time for the Zoo.  We called the Hoppers and spent the whole morning at the Zoo.  We played in the kids zoo, wandered through the cat exhibits, marveled at the significant rhino population and ended up at the playground.  This did end in some overheated tired boys, but a great morning.  Then we all went to Sonic for slushes before heading home.  Brent watched the kids while I worked away diligently in the afternoon.

By 4:45 as my work day closed, B had a new summer plan and we were off to the library as Brent headed back to work.  We got new library cards, borrowed five books (mostly Thomas) and explored a different (sadly, not as good) branch of the Metro library system.  We immediately made plans for story time at the Edmond library Thursday morning.  After a small library scuffle over random toys (and what four year old has a mohawk, by the way??), we headed out to the playground located next to the library parking lot.  A little more playing and then off to try a new frozen custard place near us.  B and I agreed it wasn't our favorite, but still very tasty.  He graciously fed everyone bite to lady M, who had been very patient through all of this.  Brent arrived home just after M went to sleep for the evening and we read all the books again and watched a little Blue's Clues before returning to a night time ritual.  Total cost for the day, about $15 - Memories to last a lifetime.

So, that's our Summer adventure over the last couple days.  Any suggestion for other things we should add to the list? We're planning on going to the Omniplex (I think now the OK Science Center) soon.  Brent and I are also going to see Oliver at UCO Summerstock on July 2 with friends as his cousin's son Ethan is in the lead role. (Let us know if you'd like to join us!)  We have, of course, had many snow cones already and a small taste of harvest, playing in the sprinklers and baby pools, grilling, a carousel, cupcake & watermelon party in the park, and gardening.  What screams summer to you? Help me add to our list and we'll tell you all about it.  Hope you're living summer too and I'll be back with more stories.


Chrissie said...

So much fun!!! Maybe a splash park? There's a great one here... =) I'm sure they have one near you too! And sidewalk chalk! Or sidewalk paint! =) Watermelons...

Amber said...

Sounds like a full, fun summer!


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