Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brave Girls

Have you heard of the Brave Girls Club?   Check out their story.  They are all about empowering, embracing, and enabling the dreams of women.  As they say "We decided to create a community of women that is safe for sharing dreams, trials, experiences, beautiful things and ideas."  Their primary activity has been Brave Girl Camp (see link for description) but for those of us not so lucky to be campers they send daily positive, reaffirming emails.  They are not typically overtly religious, but if you read their broader work they are clearly rooted in their faith.  
Melody Ross has absolutely been through the fire with her husband's traumatic brain injury and losing basically everything they possessed all while raising five kids. She has come through it all beautifully and is now sharing that she learned in the process and helping others.  The below is an email from this week that I found particularly resonant.  I thought I would share it and this group with you as we could all use another positive voice in our lives.  Yes, the emails often challenge readers to take positive steps, but in a supportive context.  Meanwhile, my own dear brave girl and sister has started blogging (her hubby has too).  We encourage you to join them on their journey as they need all of our love and support.  

Dear Happy Girl,

We tend to find exactly what we are seeking, and exactly what we are some way or another. This is why it is so important to seek for beauty and truth, and to expect the best of people and situations.

What happens when you do your best and expect for the best...when you look for goodness and when you seek for beauty and life surprises you with something that is not so fabulous? What happens when clouds cover the sunshine and walls seem to be around everything?

This is where it gets tricky...and this is where the magic happens too. See your problems as potential teachers.....see your difficulties as stepping stones to your
most fabulous life. See your trials as opportunities to become even better at what you are already good at, and to learn things you never could have learned otherwise. See your place in painful situations as perhaps the ONE person who can bring the light into a dark situation.

There is good everywhere you look.....if you decide to look at the good instead of the yuck. True...there is yuck everywhere it's more important than ever
to step right over it, look up into the light...and decide RIGHT THIS SECOND that you are going to be a force for goodness, light, happiness, laughter, optimism, funky dancing, loud singing and creative fun solutions to every dilemma.....because THAT is who you are........and don't let anything or anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Thanks for being that incredible force, lovely lady........the world would not be nearly as beautiful without you.


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