Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love Summer

... but I feel it slipping away already.  A quick list of the moments that "make" our summer.

1) Kids playing in the backyard by themselves while I cook dinner. I love watching them through the windows and how well they interact with each other and the space.
2) Running through sprinklers (yes, I've joined them at times).
3) Squash vines trailing out of the vegetable garden and into my yard + squash nearly daily.
4) Homemade pizza that includes basil and tomatoes from our garden along with the bliss of homemade dough and fresh mozzarella.
5) Sitting in the cool of the house reading books together and gathering more from the library.
6) Pool time - Splashing, floating, laughing, diving, playing together.
7) Berries - I just love the colorful jumble of berries and the flavors mingling together.
8) Melons - M continues to love Cantaloupe and melons generally and they are very much summer.
9) Indoor play spaces (Unpluggits) with friends to beat the heat.
10) Freshly mown grass.
11) The rumble of distant thunderstorms and periodic showers.
12) Late nights crafting while Brent plays video games online with Brian.
13) Silly books because somehow my reading is even more frivolous in the summer.
14) Little ones (particularly girls) toddling about in rompers.
15) Slightly damp little kid hair or hair that smells of sunscreen.
16) Evening outings for Ice Cream --- and a small boy covered in blue from his treat.
17) Sonic - blue slushes for B, Diet Cherry Limeades for me, and various flavors of Dr. Pepper for Brent.
18) Concerts --- coming up later this month.
19) Outdoor theater --we saw Oliver in the park last week and Ethan was awesome even with the rain!  Brent also saw Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare in the Park.
20) Baseball games and concessions  (and perhaps a few stray thoughts of football??)
21) Flip-flops and sandals + Shorts /Skirts
22) Trips -- they seem necessary some how. Some have happened and some are to come.
23) The Lake - we haven't made it yet, but I don't think it would be summer if we didn't sit on the dock a time or two.
24) Family & Friends - I suppose in all seasons, but a bit part of all these activities.
25) Bright colors, Sun, Blue Skies ---Wind--- Just that "feel" that it is summer all around.

We're trying to remember to appreciate it and not just sigh about the heat.  What is making your summer this year?

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Summer said...

love this post.


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