Friday, July 16, 2010

Loving Layout

Camp Scrap at Big Picture Scrapbooking is in its final week and so far things are still going well. I'm averaging a layout a day so I'm up to about 22 new layouts-- six of which are two page spreads. For yesterday's page, I decided to use this neat sketch from the Magpie Club Sketch Challenge (Seriously, what's not to like baby Maggie's nickname and cool scrapbooking kits).The sketch is by Julie Bonner, but it was Piradee's beautiful take on the sketch that convinced me to try it as well. The result is below, a layout about my Grandparents done mostly in "Alice" blue which was my Grandmother's favorite color.

Original Sketch:

My take on it:

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The Journaling reads:
I believe that of two people can change the world, as it has with them.
I believe that love can last a lifetime & beyond, because theirs has.
I believe in the power of family because of the one they created.

(Sorry for all those in my family that may be sniffling just now, had to do it Love you!).


sophie said...

gorgeous take on the sketch!! in fact i almost used a doily in the back too but then found a different way round!!love your style!so many nice takes on the sketch this month: competition is getting fierce, isn't it!! have a great day!

DebB said...

I love the page, the blue, and the fact that law school didn't pound all of the poet out of you. Hooray! Beautiful work all around, my artsy girl.

Vanessa Glass said...

I love that blue! Great take on the sketch!


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