Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maggie at 11 Months

Way late as usual, but Maggie has been having a milestone day so time for an update.  

As I've noted, M has been occasionally standing on her own, and here and there taking a step or two, along with lots of cruising.  Today, however, she's suddenly doing a lot more standing on her own. I think her cool Princess Presto cape from Chrissie might have come with the "power to stand" as she loved standing up in it. She even squatted down and was able to stand back up.  Very cool! Lots of standing independently and some little steps at Allie's birthday party today as well.... Who knows, maybe she will walk by a year.  Surprises all around!

The other fun new thing is new sounds and words.  I can't really list new words per se, but there are lots of new sounds and lots of mimicking words.  For instance, on Friday B and Grandma B were doing puzzles and she would say "zuzzle" as she patted the puzzle (she is quite the patter, by the way-- a very Dotter family trait).  She says buh-bye and waves to Daddy and others when they leave still which is adorable, but also says a collection of other almost words and things like ba-ba (for her bottle).  She is quite the babbler too.  Once she is comfortable with a visitor she will just babble away telling them her whole story. I love babbling and quite enjoy this phase. I would, however, like to know what all these stories are.

Today, she learned how to give zerberts (like raspberry kisses) and kept making funny noises as she kissed my legs. It was a riot.  Chrissie and I were quite entertained and Maggie was very pleased with herself too. 

In other news, we lost her paci clip this week.  It has been a tiny bit traumatic at bedtime as she was using it to go to sleep and it kept her from flinging her paci out of bed immediately.  M only gets to have a paci when she is going to sleep or at Y childcare (because I take pity on the poor souls there).  She has had this cool one with her name on the ring since last October when Tracie got it for her. Perhaps one of her fairy godmothers will gift us another one (I hear we could even buy one ourselves) or maybe she'll just learn to sleep without her paci once she throws it out which isn't such a bad thing either.

Hair: Lady M's hair continues to get blonder as the summer wears on.  My hair would bleach out in the summers as a kid too and I love it. It is also longer and thicker all the time.  Sometimes she's still a bit haired out, but it is more controllable than it was just a month ago.

Clothes - I love her little dresses, but am also so loving the few little rompers we have and her chubby little legs, just too cute.

Smiles - Baby M is such a happy little lady.  She is full of smiles and dimples and just oozes cute.  She definitely knows how to turn this charm on already as it seems to appear rather regularly when she is trying to convince Daddy to let her stay up just a bit later. I adore it and feel so blessed to have such a happy lady.

Siblings - They continue to usually get along very well.  They give each other food routinely during dinner and B helps hand things to her in the car.  He also is great at telling me where she is and what she's up to.  She thinks he is awesome and like to follow him around.  Mostly, he really likes playing with her too and is still very good at getting her to calm down.  There are, of course, moments when she takes something of his or tries to play with X thing he suddenly must have where things get tense, but so far much more love than angst.  We were leaving the Y on Wednesday and as I chatted with Jessie he stood next to me kissing Maggie's legs and it was just beyond sweetness.  

Curious - M continues to explore everything and is in to pulling open all the cabinets, drawers, etc that are not locked. I found her curled up in the towels under the bathroom sink one day this week.  Granted, she should have been watched more closely than to be in the bathroom alone, but was just like a little bunny all snuggled up in there when we found her. 

Food - She still LOVES cantaloupe and melons of all kinds.  She has started eating Muesli a bit which is a good mix of fruit, fiber and dairy which I like.  This is her last month with the bottle.  I will be glad to see it go, but it is certainly a transition moment. She has tried so many things and only Honey and Nuts are on the banned list at this point. She is quite good with sippy cups, but tends to go for other people's more than the one that belongs to her.

Fun - Lady M loves the pool and has had some great pool time this month.  She also likes dancing to our tunes, playing legos and most of the same toys as last month.  She is in the pulling books off the shelves phase, which is not so fun, but does eventually select one and turn the pages for awhile which is cute. 

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