Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday + one day

Yesterday was a wildly busy day and thus I fell a bit beyond on getting my "Ten" up promptly.  One of my loyal readers even checked with Brent to let him know I was missed, which was sweet. (Love you Gavin!)

1.  We started yesterday with a trip to Sonic as we were too early for the Science Museum and Brent needed coffee.  This marked our first time at a Sonic playground and was actually pretty fun.  Weirdly, Maggie actually bit my neck sometime during this which was disturbing-- I actually screamed which seemed to startle the others playing. (oops)

2.  We took the kids to the Oklahoma Science Museum (Omniplex to most people still, I think).  We had worried that they were too young, but the new kids space was great and included a play area for babies as well as nursing station (for those interested it even had live TV feeds from the play area so you could see older kids). We found plenty of very cool things to do.  Overall, it was a weird mishmash of very new exhibits and some that were there when I was little and appear unchanged from that time which was odd.

3.  B has started wanting things in stores and is moving to asking explicitly for them.  Recently, I loved a trip to Target where we saw probably 1000 Toy Story things and he didn't ask for anything and put back things when asked that he was looking at.  This seems to be moving to memory as at the Science Museum he wanted everything in the gift store -- very explicitly.  {Sigh}  My friend from college did most of the purchasing for the shop until she recently switched jobs so I suppose it is a compliment to her.

4. My kids are NOT ready for the planetarium.  We had high hopes and it was near naptime for M so seemed promising.  B thought it was way too dark and M I think was suspicious of what we were doing in the dark with her so we only lasted maybe 10 minutes. No disastrous melting or anything, just fussing all around so we cut our losses and will try again later.

5. Brent and I have very specific and apparently very weird taste in furniture.  After the Omniplex we returned home to turn the kids over to my parents and then headed out shopping for dining room furniture.  About seven stores later we had a much clearer picture of what we wanted and great clarity that it is going to hard to find here. { more sighing }

6.  Speaking of sighing, have I mentioned Brent has to take 12 furlough days in the next year?

7. So, after 3+ hours at the Science Museum and 3+ hours furniture shopping I came home, changed and headed out with Sarah, Tracie and Bethany to dinner and the Lady Gaga concert.  Can you imagine a more diverse day? Pretty wild, but very very fun!

8. I think I should go to concerts more. It occurred to me that it had been quite awhile since my last big one.  (This one was definitely a spectacle). So, I think Tracie and I are going to see Carrie Underwood in October which should be fun and maybe more after that!

9.  I am going on a Scrapbook Weekend retreat to the Scrappin' Pad in Talequah, OK with three (at least) of my besties in September.  Sounds so great! I am really looking forward to it and already thinking about what to pack and what pictures to bring, hmmm....

10. Trip time! My parents, Maggie and I leave for STL on Saturday and B+ Brent will join me on Thursday.  I'm so excited to meet Zane and really need to start thinking about all the logistics a bit more. I can't wait to see my sister.

Next week's Ten on Tuesday will come to you from Saint Louis and maybe even be on Tuesday!

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