Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten on... Thursday?

So, with all the chaos of my trip and somewhat limited internet we missed Ten on Tuesday.  We are just about to miss Thursday, but I want to jot a few notes so here we go:

1) The iPad totally made this trip.  I used it for everything (notes in the conference, chatting with Brent, checking email, reading on the plane, everything).  It really helped when I both lost my voice and was stuck on an airplane for an hour waiting to be cleared for take off. (Yes, having a direct flight did help as while we stopped at DFW there was no connection to miss).

2) I realized on Saturday how many times I think of my sister a day.  Every time I did, I would almost burst into tears.  I think we have all largely pulled ourselves together after last weeks news, to the extent we can.  We love them  all so and I hear Zane has had a great week and is a cute chubby baby. We've put the new pictures up at our house and are so excited for our visit.

3. I was in DC for the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) conference. I loved it.  I spend a lot of time trying to explain what I do and dealing with some issues that are rather unique compared to other attorneys or just other jobs generally.  These people completely get it.  They are right there with me and very helpful.  The sessions are quite helpful, but getting to hang out with some truly wonderful people really makes the experience. I am on the planning committee for next year's session in San Francisco and excited to get to help make it another excellent conference. (I did discover that everyone else on the panel save one person is either a General Counsel or VP of some sort, so am a bit unclear how I got on the Committee, but I'm happy anyway).

4.  So, as sometimes happens to me in DC, it appears I've mostly lost my voice again.  I'm not sure if it is the cold my kids had, allergies, talking too much, all the shifts in temperature or something else altogether.  In any case, it is annoying, uncomfortable and I think maybe just a bit funny to those I talk to.  Mostly, I'm trying not to talk so much and hoping I get better soon as I otherwise am mostly feeling OK.

5. I had a great time playing outside with B today.  It is such a contrast from my jam packed, crowd filled conference day, but lovely in its simplicity.  As M slept, we did a little wandering the cul de sac, finding rocks, riding his tricycle, exploring the man hole cover, etc. . . Everything is fascinating when you are three and I'm glad to share it.

6. Another DC bonus was getting to see all but one of my DC girlfriends from law school days.  It took three meals, but we worked it out in small groups.  (Thanks ladies, I loved it!) One of these dinner took place in Del Ray where we used to live and was so nostalgic.  Sadly, no Dairy Godmother this trip, but I'll be sure to make it again soon.

7.  You know how I randomly enter blog give aways a lot, right? I recently entered one on the Giver's Log and won a Silhouette SD (this is an awesome, expensive, scrapbooking and crafting tool for those new to it). It is one of those cool things that I've always wanted, but never felt justified in spending that much.  I'm very excited to give it a try.

8.  I am missing exercise. Having been gone and now being sick I haven't been to Zumba since last Friday.  Here's hoping I can make it through tomorrow's class as I think it would greatly improve my overall situation.

9. I am very excited that the we have a long weekend and 4th of July celebrations ahead of us.  I will miss the Dotter gathering which is not on schedule this year since my mom (the current hostess) is in STL loving on her grandbaby, but we are looking forward to pool party fun with the Rouse clan on Saturday and possibly fun with friends on Sunday depending on how things work out.

10. I read one and a half books this week. (The Lost Symbol  and most of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, both on the iPad which was lovely). This is less books than I usually do on a trip, but the first one was long and my social calendar was packed.  I really liked the first book more than anticipated as all Dan Brown's books have been so hyped that I was dubious that they would live up to their billing.  This one was set in DC, thus the timing, and full of descriptions of places I know and love.  I think that really added to my enjoyment along with the underlying story.  The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake is a bit wandering at the moment.  I am not so sure where it is headed, but it is written well enough that I am interested to find out.  I'm not sure when I will finish it though as I am teaching again, having weekend celebrations and continuing my "Camp Scrap" at Big Picture Scrapbooking (So far, I've done four layouts --including two double page spreads-- based on the materials which is pretty good considering how much I've been gone).

Ok, now I've started rambling and am really tired so I will leave it there.  I appreciate all your kindness, prayers and support following last week's news.  You all are a great support to me and mine and we so appreciate it.  Best wishes for a wonderful weekend full of celebrating our freedom!

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JennieMarie said...

the silhoutte looks way cool! Can't wait to see what kinda cool stuff you make!
My heart goes out to your family... praying that little Zane does well.


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