Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Without much preamble today as I have lots to do:

1.  This was the weirdest fourth of July in many years.  We had the big family doings on the 3rd which were great (and will be described separately), but did very little on the 4th.  We did spend some nice evening hours at a BBQ with friends, but it was just in stark contrast to my normal fourth festivities which are filled to overflowing with Dotter aunts, uncles, cousins, playing in the water, cooking with my mom and sister, etc... I'm hoping we rejoin that tradition next year. 

2. I spent part of the 4th scrapbooking last year's festivities with great nostalgia and completed several more "assignments" for Camp Scrap. So far this is the most engaging scrapbooking class I've ever taken and I'm really enjoying it.  My 2009 4th of July layout won me a prize from Cat's Life Press. I will be interested to see what treats they send me. (Hoping vaguely it doesn't actually involve cats....is that bad?)

3. My kids are adorable.  We managed to get both of them into red, white and blue for the Saturday festivities and even took a family pictures.  Mind you it was at the end of the day, post-swimming and Brent and I clearly missed the r/w/b memo, but I treasure these as there are so few pictures that we are all in. 

4. B saw his first Star Wars movie on the 4th as well.  He has been having us read him Brent's Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy off and on for months and asked nicely if he could see the movie.  We had planned to delay a bit longer, but decided we'd try it.  He actually pretty much made it the whole way with only occasional wandering off.  He asked interesting questions and knew many of the ships from the Lego models we have.  Was quite the "moment" for us.  (For those wondering, yes, we obviously started him with Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (1977 & 2004 Versions, 2-Disc Widescreen Edition)

5. We had so much fun playing with John this weekend. Can there be any more "boy" cousin thing to do than jointly observe snails?  They also seem quite convinced that even the "day" fireworks we tried are too loud.  They did work out a system to watch a few together through the door though.  Whatever works and we just went with it.  B, of course, burned his fingers on the one token sparkler he tried :(

6. Randomly have B.O.B.'s "Can We Pretend that Airplanes in the Night Sky are like Shooting Stars" song in my head a lot.  I really just like/know the chorus.  Suspect it is the "I could really use a wish right now" part that draws me to it....

7. M is a very decisive baby girl.  She knows what she wants and is quite determined to get it come whatever obstacles may (like say that she can't talk or there is a massive piece of furniture in her way).  Today, she apparently wanted me to feed her a bottle. Brent was carrying her and she reached for me with one arm and grabbed the bottle from his other hand with the other.  Once I had her, she proceeded to one-hand feed herself the bottle.  Quite our very own little firecracker.  Can you believe she will be one in less than a month??

8. I "almost" have my voice back.  I still don't have quite the energy I feel like I had before, but could be the lack of exercise so ramping that back up.

9. So excited about my trip to STL in less than three weeks!  B thinks we're going pretty much every day (and he only comes about 1/2 way through my trip).  Is both that I'm crazy to meet Zane and that I feel like I need a break from work.  I will still have to do Drexel stuff while I'm there, but is less and different than the days here. 

10.  This weekend begins nearly a month of kid birthdays starting this weekend with Serenity's grand fete in Tulsa and ending with Nate's birthday party which I presume will be sometime around the 16th.  Maggie's (two parties) and Allie's will fit somewhere in between as well as my Dad (and a few other relatives') birthdays and Jennie's baby shower.  We're going to be partied out by the time Brent heads back to school. Oh dear--- sad revelation that his classes start in a little over a month... I wonder if he knows anything about vertebrate zoology yet, suppose he just needs to keep a chapter ahead of his students (that's what we keep hearing from all the teachers we know).  I guess I'll go check on that and hopefully come back to recap our festivities of last week soon.


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