Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to "School"

Today, B headed back to "School." (For those new to the blog, he goes to St. Elijah's Mother's Day Out-- usually referred to here as MDO). He was up and packing his lunch with me first thing and had his monkey nap mat on his back by 7:39. We had to slow down a bit as school doesn't actually begin until 9:30. We had a lovely time waiting playing legos and laughing with M.

At 8:45 we started the loading to drop of M and then off to MDO along with our many bags - Elmo Backpack, Star Wars Lunchbag and Monkey Napmat/backpack, and Mama's camera, of course. We got there a bit early and I was trying to stall, but he was not having it. H also, as you can probably tell, wasn't really putting up with pictures, but I did sneak in a few.

In we went, meeting his buddy R in the hall. When we arrived, we put his things in his new cubby, in his new room, with his new teacher. He was already off to the puzzles with R before I even had his nametag on his chest. Once he confirmed I had picked the proper nametag and given his raisin snack contribution to Ms. D. he was ready to get to the playing. I could take a picture now as he was no longer paying attention. I said my quiet good-byes and left. No tears, no waves or good-byes. He was fine, happy even. For some reason, this made his Mama more than a little sad. Here's to my growing big boy. I love you and hope you always love learning and know we always love you.

P.s. -  They read and made crafts related to The Kissing Hand today.  It is a great back to school book for those that are not already familiar with it.  Aunt Audra gave us our own copy awhile ago and today we practiced with the included stickers and had a great time. 
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Lydia said...

That monkey nap mat is so cool, I have something kinda like it for my boys, but I love how yours turns into a back pack!! Really cool

Audra said...

He is so big I can't believe it. I loved the "mom no pictures" look! Glad it went so well. He will love school.


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