Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful Evening

This evening the weather was pretty much as perfect as it can get, particularly in an Oklahoma August.  Brent came home early after a Dentist appointment and we took the opportunity to embark on a family walk to the idyllic neighborhood pond* just two blocks away.  B drove his three wheeler and M rode along in a stroller as a slight breeze played with her hair.

We should really visit the pond more often (and remember the camera). M and I loved watching asnthe boys wandered along the bank throwing in stray rocks and examining random treasures.  Brent and I were delighted to observe that the once red dirt bank is now covered in grass and cattails rim the pond along with weeping willows.  The usual ducks seemed to be missing today, but the quiet was kind of nice.  I pondered if anyone might stock it with fish and B wondered where we could find more rocks to toss.  I think he was less happy that the new grasses were hiding them.

Our housing edition sadly lacks a playground or park thus far, but I feel like we are lucky to have this little bit of nature in walking distance. It is not so close that I fear B walking out and falling in, but not so far that it is an ordeal. For today, we just enjoyed the moment together -- a little big of exercise, a cool breeze and skipping rocks across the water.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather and many more family walks like this.

* I think of it idealistically as this lovely little pond. Brent thinks of it as the drainage ditch.  In actuality it is probably the frac pond from the drilling of the nearby oil well.  Yes, there is a functioning oil well in our housing edition.  This is so normal in Oklahoma that we don't even notice.

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