Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Ten on Tuesday appears to be gaining popularity! You can read posts from both our sisters (Audra and Jamie) and our friends Amber and Jessica.  Today was Audra's first day back at work so she could use a little extra love if you have a moment. Love you sis!

2. I think M may be teething again.  It looks like tooth number eight has emerged and she has been a bit fussy and struggling with napping today.

3.  The above is a huge part of the reason it is still necessary for me to have childcare for M.  She only took one maybe 30 minute nap today and that would not work for my work day.  Today, for instance, I had a long and important meeting with my boss that would have been pretty impossible while trying to juggle M.

4.  We are all LOVING the Watermelon Granita from this month's Bon Appetit. (Note - we did not make the gingered strawberries).  Also, should you elect to make this very delicious and simple recipe please remember to buy a seedless watermelon if time is, at all, an issue.  My helpers and I dug out the seeds and they ate a lot in the meantime, but was a huge mess.  M is absolutely FANATICAL about this stuff.  She complete begs for it while Brent attempts to feed her fast enough.  (Again, might be related to the teething).

5. Brent would like me to add to the list that M is also throwing her food a lot.  This is all too true and driving the adults crazy.  M loves it and B seems to really enjoy vacuuming up the aftermath. (Read more here on his vacuuming excitement).

6. Had a fabulous time with my girl friends last week! I had a fabulous chat with Mary on Thursday.  She even brought me a scarf she made herself!  Then, I got to spend most of Friday and Saturday with Chrissie (and a little time with Sarah). I did miss book club, but the next one is at my house in September!

7. I cried at my desk last week reading the monthly newsletter from the  Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma as they described the food backpacks program.  We give monthly, but are also planning to participate in Hunger Action Month.  I find food insecurity terrifying and so sad as food is really the most basic need. I encourage you to look at Hunger Action Month, Volunteer Opportunities or perhaps participate in Gap's Give & Get if you are planning to shop in their stores the 26-29th (5% to charity of your choice and 30% off your purchase).  Stepping off the soapbox, but so little can do so much.

8. M's one-year pictures are up at Twice Blessed Photography.  There are sibling, B, and family pictures as well.  If you want a peak, go to this link.  The password is: maggie.

9.  This will be B's first three day week at MDO.  Last year, we just did two days.  So far, I think it is going well and he seems to like his teacher.  He apparently did something to get in trouble on Monday involving standing on blocks, but seems happy.  I do think he is missing the naps on those days.  Today (non-MDO day), he was so very tired and kept asking if it was nap time and then took a great nap.  We may need to take small naps after MDO some days if he remains this tired.

10. My final exam "goes live" tomorrow for my Drexel course.  We are trying some new questions which should be interesting.  I am not looking forward to all the grading, but nice that the end is in sight for this quarter. I will like having a bit more time in the evenings for the fall.

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Summer said...

so glad to hear M is throwing her food too. well, not glad, but just relieved. i dont' know if i blocked it out or what, but i really don't remember this with the first and it is extremely frustrating. at least we have the dog to help, but i feel like i'm fighting a losing battle, constantly telling her "no" only to have her rake her hand across her tray and send everything flying seconds later. here's to this phase passing SOON!


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