Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Maggie!

(There is a serious chance this may not get posted while it is still your birthday, but here's hoping! Ps. Bethany, as you can see we had to dive into your present.  She loved it!)

Dear Baby Lady,
  We love you so much and have had such an incredible first year with you.  Today was another wonderful day. You began the day with an unfrosted cupcake for breakfast, because birthdays are fun like that.  Once Daddy got home from work the fun began in earnest. You loved opening your presents, playing with them and climbing all over your new rabbit chair.  I think your favorite was actually the tiny comb that came with your My Little Pony.  You used it to comb your hair and Daddy's.  So sweet!  All evening, you were so cheerful and talkative.  You even talked to your grandparents and Aunt Audra on the telephone. I know they loved "talking" to you.

I love that you dove right in to your cupcake after dinner and smashed it right in the middle of your face.  Your brother was a bit more cautious at this age, but perhaps had had less cake than you have. After you went to sleep, your Daddy and I spent the evening on stage one of preparations for your parties this weekend.  I so hope you have fun with all these people that love you so much!

  It is hard to believe it has been a year since you were born as so many things happen so quickly in the first year.  You have gone from such a still quiet baby into a whirlwind.  Even though we've had a baby before you were and are completely different from your big brother. For instance, he has always been very scheduled, but you are still not as dependable that way.  I think this is perhaps partially our fault as we don't always get to keep the schedule you might like with work, B and the normal chaos of our day.

Thank you so much for blessing our family with great joy and reminding us to appreciate the little wonders in life. We have learned so much from you and are so excited about all that the coming year may bring.

 Hugs and love always sweet, beautiful, baby girl.

Mama, Daddy, and B

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