Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

There really are non-birthday things going on that I'd like to talk about too so here are a few other tidbits.

1.  This is my 500th blog post.  I've been blogging just under 23 months and was a bit surprised to discover there were so many as sometimes I feel like I go long stretches without post.  Is anyone out there reading still?  (OK, I know at least say 15-25 people read most posts, but I'd love to hear if you like something or have suggestions).

2. Today B and I had the following conversation a little before lunchtime:
B: Mom, umm can I have some candy?
Me: Nope, you already had chocolate this morning and it is almost lunchtime.
B: But, this is not chocolate, but it is.
Me: What is it then? (Intrigued)
B: Well, it is soft and not sticky, but it sticks to your teeth.  We bought it at the medicine store.
Me: No clue what you are talking about, but maybe.
At least an hour passes before I figure out what he is talking about.  Can you guess?? (Tootsie Rolls, obviously).

3. The thing about coming back from vacation to my jobs is that no one has really been doing my work while I was away so it is just piling up there.  This yields big stress upon the return which sort of negates vacation.  That said, it was so lovely to have a full 10 day vacation (6 work days).  I don't think I've taken that many consecutive days off ever, other than on maternity leave.  I did work like crazy at Audra's house some days, but it felt like it was all I had to offer in a tangible way and helping someone else is much different than cleaning one's own kitchen...

4. As mentioned previously, I think, we've been searching for new dining room furniture as ours is becoming untenable for multiple reasons.  We had initially hoped to have it before Maggie's party, but our shopping trips yielded nothing other than clear criteria of what we didn't want. While in STL, I went to Crate & Barrel with Audra, as it does not exist in OK, but usually has the kind of furniture that we seemed to be wanting.  I found this table and chairs and  prepared to purchased it.  I called Brent to see if he wanted to know how much it cost or see a picture before I got it and of course he did not, was totally cool with whatever I got.  Love him, but still is kinds weird.  Do you like the table? (We got a slightly smaller size than this, but did get a bench!)

5.  Last Thursday, my brother was in a bicycle accident.  I have held off posting about it until we had a better sense of how is is doing. ( My Mom blogged about it here.)  It seems he fell of a borrowed bicycle while riding in the park and hit his head.  He had an intense concussion and a small fracture to his eye socket (the bone, no problems with vision) and a few stitches at his brow and chin.  The first night was hard and weird as we answered and asked questions in circles, but he has been steadily improving from all reports.  It appears he may not remember the accident itself which is fine, but otherwise seems to be doing very well for which we are all so thankful!  We love you Able!

6.  I missed B quite a bit while we were apart.  I don't think I really realized how much until we got to spend some time alone today.  He is so sweet and adorable now. I love listening to all his funny sayings and mannerisms.  He still has his moments, but overall was such a trooper on our trip and such a helper to me here.

7. I have no idea how hot it actually is here, but suffice to say it is WAY too hot.  I hadn't thought of Saint Louis as cool, but it was much cooler than this and rained sometimes.  We both got snow cones AND played in the sprinkler this evening to combat the heat. 

8.It isn't news that the economy has been bad, but it is just feeling closer to home of late.  I think it is all the negative news at Brent's job, cutbacks, layoffs, furloughs, etc.  At my job, they have started hiring again which is encouraging, but really wish improvements would come more quickly for all our sakes.  

9.  I am feeling like my house is a mess.  We have not returned all the things to the closet that were evacuated during the leak incident and were waiting to shampoo the carpet, but clearly are not going to get that done before the parties this weekend. I also have no meal plan for the weekend and two small people making messes.  Must clean, but also must work and plan..hmmm.

Fisher Price Imaginext Tri County Landfill10. B got a fun new Toy Story 3 toy while I was gone. It has been exceptionally entertaining to both kids and has so many different things to do. I will try to take pictures, but want to thank Grammy and Granddaddy for all the fun while I'm thinking of it.

That's just a taste of our week.  I would also recommend my sister's post on our Saint Louis doings. I plan to do something of my own, but with the way the week is going, who knows.  I would highly recommend the Magic House in St. Louis to anyone with kids of all ages.  There was a whole room for people just Maggie's size which I particularly loved.  Be back in a bit with Maggie's post.


bvo said...

Oh my! I hope Able gets well soon. Sounds like a pretty nasty tumble

Chrissie said...

I'm still reading!!! I LOVE the bench, what a cool idea, and the table is beautiful.

You'll get it all done, and Maggie will have a wonderful party or three =) Excited to see you this weekend!

DebB said...

Sorry I missed this post; it was such a good one too. I love the table and chairs (are yours upholstered?).


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