Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Had M's photos taken today with Kristi from Twice Blessed Photography.  I think they will be lovely.  We did them at Will Rogers Park this time.  I've never been before and must go back to enjoy it more sometime when it isn't 104 degrees.  We took family, B, and sibling pics as well as the one year pictures. I am very excited to see them.

2. M fell getting out of the sandbox at Ms. Courtney's today and has some bruising and scratches on both sides of her face.  Yes, this might make Kristi's editing job a smidge more complicated-- so sad, but she assures me it will airbrush out nicely.

3.  At the very start of the shoot, I was stung by a wasp.  I was very calm to keep everyone else calm.  As the shoot continued it started to hurt and now more than four hours later it is excruciating (My mom and sister think I'm being dramatic, but seriously I don't get hurt often and don't manage pain very well, apparently).  Yes, typing is uncomfortable so I'll try to keep it short.

4. B was awesome for his photos.  Big smile, very cooperative and great at helping M.  Such a big boy in his new clothes and so interested in everything at the park.

5. Thursday we are going to the farm to see the meteors/falling stars with my parents.  It is an August tradition of theirs and one we aren't often able to participate in.

6.  I have to grade student papers all week for Drexel. This is no fun and the pain is literally so distracting to me today that I did not finish any today so the remainder of the week is not going to be pleasant. (Yes, Brent is off getting me some Benadryl right now).

7. This fairy party is so gorgeous!  Thee incredible costumes are from Fairy Nana Land.  The prices there are outrageous, but am tempted to make some fairy costumes someday myself as I would love a party like that (or just a play date!)

8. I have not scrapbooked since I returned from STL.  I am going into withdrawl, but don't know how I can with these papers looming over me.  Maybe I'll promise myself some time for the weekend as the new Big Picture Scrapbooking free Big Ideas Festival starts on Thursday!  (There is a link via the blinky on the left side of the blog).

9. In random money saving news, I've been using Ebates whenever I buy things online from stores in their list for about 6 months now.  I've gotten about $60 back from them from my purchases.  It isn't a huge amount, but is a nice little "discount"/ rebate on things I would be buying anyway.  If you are interested in trying it, here is my referral link. The tricky part is just remembering to use it, but it is somewhat a habit now.

10. I'm also a big fan of Groupon and Living Social deals.  We have used them for discounted ice cream, museum entrance, food, etc... It has helped make some of our summer fun a bit cheaper.  The links there are referral links as well if you want to try it out (I get some small amount of credit if you do, I believe). I know many of you are doing it already as we've bought some of the same "deals."  For those not familiar, if they have it in your city there is a daily deal.  Usually more than 50% of X service, restaurant, exercise place, etc... You buy it then and are entitled to use the credit anytime within a stated time frame.  So far, we're actually using most of them quickly (none have come close to expiring) and liking it.  I do recommend being wary of impulse buying things you don't want just because it is a good deal as you are no longer saving money at this point.  I usually wait several hours after any deal I'm interested in buying to decide whether to get it or not just to be "safe."

Those are my random, painful thoughts for today.  Hope you all are having a great week!

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