Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ten Today

Where to start? I guess we'll just step back to a list for today. (Can you believe that last week was the only week since I started doing Ten on Tuesday where there was no list???)  I am back to work and easing back into the world generally. I am considering including at least one item on my 10 for awhile with a memory of my dad or story someone has shared with me. If you want to submit one feel free to leave it in the comments or email me.  Today, I'm looking for smiles and want to share a few pretty things that have come through my internet feed as I begin to resurface as stories about the last week are still feeling a bit overwhelming.

1.  Did you see this Tiny Victorian Cottage on Design Mom? I so thought of my Mom when I saw it.  Wishing her great beauty. (Ok, so maybe some overlap in what is making me happy and what is making me sad).

2. Love the vintage look of these new necklaces at The Vintage Pearl (there is a giveaway too, check it out).

3. I saw these new modern Telegrams on a post from Cool Mom Picks and immediately wanted to send one to my Dad as I know he would love them (still struggling with tenses and this definitely yielded tears, but is a neat idea).

4. Have you ever seen My Sweet Muffin's shop? I found this one through Design Mom as well, but so many adorable things there.  I am particularly tempted by this Dr. Seuss shirt and maybe this one for baby Zane. (Also found this one via Design Mom).

5. I love this onesie and tutu from Fairy Wonderful. I so plan to buy one for M's next birthday.  Vaguely think I could make the onesie with the Dear Lizzy Ribbon I have, but we shall see....

6. I have a strange fixation on using ampersands.  I use them constantly when I hand-write thing (like, for instance dozens of thank-you notes).  My boss, meanwhile, is not a fan.  In any case, I find myself thinking of possible homes for this artistic version.  Maybe near my desk? Maybe I will collect a few different ones and make a cluster of some kind.

7. I discovered Dr. Craze's shop via Cool Mom Picks awhile ago, but remain fascinated by the amazing pieces they create out of concrete (check out this heart necklace).  Good example of thinking outside the box.

8. The Evalicious shop was updated with new goodies for the first time since her baby was born. I love the things she creates.  They are so simple, but so pretty. I find myself putting lots of them on my wish list including these pretties.  You can find them here.

9.  My mom just dropped me a note that she bought herself a Lisa Leonard necklace today.  I think that is an excellent choice in this moment.  I love Lisa's designs. They are all so simple and beautiful.  I usually wear the one Brent bought me for Valentine's day this year.  I bought this one for my sister this summer and this one for my Mom a year or two ago.  I have my eye on this lovely square one, one of these days.

10.  On the way home from DC, actually while boarding the plane, I bought the new Daniel DeSilva book for to read on my iPad.  It has been awhile since my last round of spy books and I find I'm really enjoying this one.  It is well written enough to be a good escape and now and then I think I'm going to need one.

Thank you so much to all of you that have called, written, emailed, visited, sent food, flowers, cards, and gifts.  We thank you all so much for the hugs, for the love and for the understanding.  I will be back, hopefully sooner than later.

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Summer said...

I've been thinking about you a lot this past week. Glad to hear from you again and sending hugs your way.


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