Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Everywhere else in the country appears to be snowy this week. We had a tiny bit of dusting snow on Monday, but not much more. We did break out M's new snow boots and rain coat (yes, crazily her actual coat was in the wash... sigh). Very cute and yes she has rain boots to match as well. Thank you Grandma B!

2. We are thinking a lot about space right now in anticipation of B's 4th Birthday. Bonus points for clever people who can identify where this image is from (Hint: OKC Metro area).

3. Could my kids be more different? B has never really been too much into meat, but M is a crazy carnivore. We had pigs in a blanket and M promptly ate the insides while B ate the biscuit part. It does work out, but still amazes me.

4. We did take our first round of family pictures this week. We will have to get speedier about set-up and work on not blowing them out this much, but I'll take it.

5. I am getting a TINY bit better with the new lens. I am manually focusing more all the time and am begining to wonder if my own eyes just don't focus well because sometimes when it looks perfectly focused to me it comes out blurry. Could just be that I need more practice.

6. Looks like B will be having several parties again this year. Still haven't finalized the date/plan for the later one. Trying to work in a little time at the zoo, but folks, it is January. We shall see. I have actually bought some things for the parties though which is big progress.

7.  I read a really fun book this week, almost devoured, actually. So if you are looking for a good read, consider The Girl Who Chased the Moon.

8.  We are entering week two of the course I teach.  I'm starting to get back into the rhythm of it, but keep reminding myself that the first month is the easy part (for me).

9.  Our Christmas decorations are not fully put away.  Thank goodness B's birthday is in January or who knows how long this might persist.

10.  We did clean out two areas this week.  B and I cleaned out Brent & my bedroom from all the Christmas chaos and we cleaned out the garage thanks to the recycling center finally being open.  Able also found an apartment so his things have moved on too.  I'm not sure either space is really at 100% fixed, but definitely progress so we'll take that.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!
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