Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just A Ponytail

Just over a month ago, on the 7th of January. My Mom put M's hair up into a ponytail and suddenly, she looked like a completely different person to me.
She looked like a little girl. Not a baby and not even the toddler we're accustomed to. I know she is still my baby and still just a toddler, but suddenly, her face is different, her behavior is differnt, her "look" is different.
My Mom says that all women look different with their hair up, and I know she is right, but this just blew my mind for some reason. So different. So much older. So independent. So not a baby.
See her with her brother? Peers, playing together. Suddenly their stages are a bit less far apart. A month or more has passed and I've seen half a dozen different new hair styles. Her hair is much longer now and up more often. She has a lot of different looks, but none has shocked me as much as seeing her with her hair up in a ponytail for the first time. I love you lady and am already wondering about the little girl you are headed swiftly towards becoming. You amaze me.
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Summer said...

Love this. TOTALLY get your sentiment. I've lately felt that C is a little girl vs a baby, but a ponytail would definitely push that over the edge for me. Perhaps they can both sport one for bowling on Saturday? :-)

Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I love her pony too. I also love working with her hair because in doing so I can see the shape of her lovely head, which is so exactly like your own was at that age, and it fills with me sweet, happy memories.

Audra said...

I adore Maggie's little pony tale. It is in the top 5 cutest things I have ever seen. Love her!


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