Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Day (Part II)

Valentine's day seems full of little stories this year.  After the trailing hearts, the kids headed to school for parties and came home with sweet notes and a balloon from M's teachers'.  It appears I was one of the few to not get the "we're doing healthy treats" memo vibe and just a bit mortified to see most of the other goodies were granola bars, pencils, fruit snacks, etc (Mommy fail perhaps, but suspect our chocolate treats were popular).

I decided that we needed a special dinner together as Brent and I had already had our date.  B and I made Oreo truffles, but discovered we were out of the appropriate sort of chocolate and went with drizzles instead.  I made fun Parmesan cheese bowls to hold our pasta and one of my favorite salads of Manchengo and Apple (inspired by Jose Andres, and something like this, but without nuts).  Sadly, most of this wasn't too popular with the kids, but we persevered!  Next up was our weekly family photo session.  It took place in the hearts trail and was a bit chaotic as usual, but sweet to catch a kiss with my Valentine.

Brent had to go in to work after all the excitement, but I was glad we all go to celebrate together.  Nearly all our Valentine fun came together at the literal last moment (see cutting hearts at midnight), but it worked out and was just right for us.  I am so glad I took those extra minutes to make the hearts and that B and I got messy making truffles together.

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