Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Circle of Life

Feeling so aware of the circle of life today. Yesterday, we welcomed Matthew, our newest tiny family member with great love and joy. Today, we mourne the end of Aunt Wanda's life. (Technically, Brent's Great-Aunt). Aunt Wanda was one of the first people to embrace me into the Rouse clan with great joy. She was always, and I do mean always, happy, funny and her own very unique self. As I talk to people everyone has their own special story. For Janna, it involves sleepovers, shopping and meatloaf. For Brent, it is about growing "another foot." For me, I think it is our shared love for having our filet cooked well done (we were the only ones and thus weird).

I wonder who will brew the tea at family gatherings and if we'll have baked beans any more. I wonder how Vern is. I love how much she loved our kids, particularly our lady M. I am glad she didn't have to linger in pain as my grandmothers did with the same ailment, but sad I didn't get to say goodbye. My life lesson from Wanda is to work hard to spread joy and to connect with those around you. Farewell happy lady - you are so loved and will be missed.
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Oh, my condolences to all. She was such a happy person indeed. Isn't it interesting how births and deaths often follow on each other's heals? Maggie and Grandma Blakley, Zane and Danny,Audra and my Grandma Dotter, Joel and Sophie with Mom, Mark and my Dad's dad. Hmmmm....


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