Friday, April 22, 2011

Five on Friday: Food edition!

1.  We made these doughnut muffins on Wednesday when Able happened by. They are easy, delicious, and Brendan approved.  We made them as mini-muffins, as is our habit, which probably further improved the coating to interior ration.  Tastes just like a cake doughnut and very good the next morning too.

2.  Aren't these marshmallow nests too cute? I probably won't get to make coconut ones as so few peopel in our clan like, it, but they would probably be dashing with just a bit of cocoa dusted over them too. (Yes, I might go crazy and make homemade marshmallows again.... or just wait until I"m nine months pregnant some July like last time --- cause that was a good idea, errr, nope). I digress. Maybe you could lightly melt marshmallows in the oven and then sort of smoosh them with a spoon if you didn't have time to make your own?

3. I think this Hydrangea cake is gorgeous! Don't be surprise if you see it at some lady or anther's party one of these days!

4.  Isn't this the  most gorgeous spring-like pasta.  We need more green on our plates here and would be fascinated to see if this would work.  

5. I have every intention of making those little haystack easter nest cookies this weekend whether they are these chocolate ones of the more typical butterscotch.  Just so delightfully perfect.

(NOTE: More than one of these ideas I happened on to via The Pioneer Woman or Pinterest -- just giving credit where due!)

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The Barlow-Nguyen's said...

Oh wow! I just read your blog...we made the Easter egg nests this evening! If you come over tomorrow, you can try them. We made the chocolate ones and some that are peanut butter mixed with marshmallow cream.


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