Friday, April 15, 2011

Officer Richards

As those that follow along with us on Facebook may have seen, the postman visited B's school last week. So far, he will only divulge that he "talked about mailboxes." On Monday, however, a police officer came and B was a bit more enthusiastic. You'll note he has the hat and TWO badges on to celebrate. (Also sporting his new "Thunder gear.")
B was a little bit sad that the police man was not wearing a hat at all, but did like getting to look around the car, hear the sirens and watch the lights flash. He seems to have a general concept of what police officers do as well, which is good. I believe they will have visits from a fire crew and maybe an ambulance this month as well to carry on with the theme. 

Meanwhile, apparently Wednesday they were focused on construction vehicles as B came home with some "cement" (looks like plaster) with truck marks in it. I think it is a great concept and definitely one Officer Richards can get into!
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