Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random Sunday Thoughts

We took our "official" family pictures yesterday, but in an attempt to catch up from the week or two we've missed we took another today. Maggie and I have shifted to sundresses and Brent ended the day with a sunburn so perhaps warm weather has arrived. As with so many weeks, B is not looking at the camera, but we've come to accept that as sufficient and aren't forcing it. (Here is hoping Heather had better luck with her shots yesterday).

Our weekend felt really busy. We did lots of things that we really enjoyed with friends, family and each other. We even accomplished making a flower bed (sort of). Trying to set up this bed and seed the back part of our yard with shade grass were definitely "I miss my Dad moments." I am absolutely unsure if either project will work out in the end, but we did get the T-posts out of the front yard at last and did our best with the other projects.

I find myself a little stressed about money today as it flowed freely this last week so my goal for the week to come is revisiting fiscal restraint and thinking about needs versus wants for awhile.

My vegetable garden is making me really happy. I discovered in looking at pictures today that it is not progressing as quickly as last year. My guesses as to why center on lack of my parents magic touch during the planting or perhaps more realistically our wacky weather of late. We planted a bit more today and even if it is a low yield year I am still so happy that it is just there.

I think perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was the last hour or so this evening where the four of us just played in the back yard with no agenda as the howling wind calmed to a breeze and the sun began to set. It was lovely. I adore the few weeks each year where Oklahoma weather is just right for lazy back yard evenings.  My hope is to savor them while they are here with the knowledge that much more heat is on the horizon.

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