Sunday, May 1, 2011

April OLW Blog Hop

 Somehow I cannot believe that it is May already!  I really loved the prompt for April which was to write a letter to yourself a year from now. It is something I have thought about a lot over the course of my month as I think by this time next year our family will be transitioning to its next phase.  I've sketched out some ideas but have to sheepishly report that I have not actually written it all out an the given templates.  This is where if I were home this evening I would do it quickly as I love meeting deadlines, even if self-imposed. I am, however, visiting a good friend in New Jersey with a tiny new baby and it seems like waiting makes more sense.

I have been working on savoring this month as well.  We did one of my favorite things - having family photos taken by a talented photographer. I know I will savor the resulting images for years and can't keep looking at them now.

Courtesy of Heather Warren Photography
 I scrapbooked frequently this month which made me happy. I was taking Kelley Purkey's Sketchbook 3 class. It was a bit different from the classes I've taken before, but worked in that it got me to my scrapbook desk more often and I have a lot more memories preserved.
 This month, I also hosted an extended Recipe Week on my blog to share with other some of the recipes that me and mine love to savor.  I am delighted to have them all captured here and hope that they will be enjoyed by others (You can find Day 1 here and then there is one per day for the next 11 days as it grew to beyond a week).

 For those following along, from last month, my knee is much improved if not perfect and I'm now back to Zumba and a much happier lady!

Next up is Jill and the remainder of the list is below!  Jan B is the winner from the last blog hop so send me an email at abbeyviolet at gmail dot com and I will send you your prize.  I will have a mini-book (empty with a few bits of goodies to add) for a commentor this month.  I invite any ideas you have about further capturing my word: Savor in my life.  Thanks for dropping by and have a great month!


Lisa Allen

Abbey R
Jill C.
Amanda K.
Cheri A.
Rebekah P.
Lynn W.
Monica B2

Jen S.
Monica B1
Julie Ann
Donna B
Karen D


Lynn said...

Sound like you are a busy lady and savoring life quite well. I'm sure Ali would agree about writing your letter at a time that feels right to you!

ScrappnBee said...

Glad to know that your knee is better! Love seeing how we are all doing as we OLW hop from month to month! Beautiful Layout...and beautiful family pic!-Amanda

ReInvent U said...
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Anonymous said...

So glad your knee is better and that you're feeling like yourself again! Love the recipe week idea...going to be coming back to check that out.

JennL said...

Love reading about all the ways your are savoring life right now.

Cheri said...

Busy and exciting life!

K8 4man said...

Thanks for sharing, I love your family photos! I am also glad your knee is better-I love Zumba!

Margie S said...

Thanks for joining along. Good luck in finishing up your letter to yourself. I love your beautiful family portrait. Precious keepsake, for sure! And that bread looks yummy. I'm going to have to check out your recipes!

cinback said...

Bravo for getting more LOs completed this month. I can't say the same.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

What a beautiful family portrait, you are so blessed, and what a beautiful layout!

jillconyers said...

Glad you're back to Zumba! Lots of fun stuff going on. Love the photos representing your OLW.


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