Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I am all about deadlines.  The nature of my work and life, really, is pretty deadline driven and for the first time I have blown one.  I am presenting at the National Association of College and University Attorneys Annual Conference in San Francisco this summer and my written materials were due yesterday and are not done.  (Or really even close).  Technically, I am on the planning committee and know this is a little bit of a faux deadline, but I still feel bad and am going to do it just as soon as I finish this....

2. I discovered this new site Motherhood Your WayToday's post is an interview with Ali Edwards about being a Work at Home Mom.  Very cool stuff. (for me at least).

3.  I have so many blog ideas percolating, but also find that I really want to be crafting most evenings.  Hopefully they will find themselves here soon.  Several are memory keeping/scrapbook/traveling with kids posts so I hope they are of interest.  I also made up a recipe yesterday, which I rarely do, and am trying to get it written up before I forget it. Of course, first I have to write this paper....

4.  I have a big NJ/NY post percolating, but the very short version is Maggie and I spent four days primarily with these two lovely ladies (and Evan).  We had a lovely time, survived the travel and made memories to treasure for years to come.  I have many more pictures and details to come, but you can sneak a peak at our picasa feed in the meantime if you are interested (scroll down to the second half of April).

5.  Zumba today was awesome. I felt the closest I have been to 100% in a long time.  A quick peak in the mirror reveals that I still look chubby and silly, but was having a good time and sweating plenty. I think the key is that it is just fun for me as much as it is exercise.  Love it and love that I am making more Zumba friends!

6.  The boys, I hear, had a big weekend - fun with Grammie and Granddaddy Friday and Saturday including watching Rio, pizza, pirates and play time.  Sunday, I suspect, was mostly game time and relaxing plus a secret shopping trip.  B has been very glad to see me, which is awesome. I am getting lots of hugs and kisses. 

7.  Believe it or not, I leave for DC next Tuesday for four days.  The trips are a bit close together realistically, but here's hoping we all pull it off and that B is even more excited to see me when I return (which I doubt as the Korenaks will be here!!)

8.  M's counting is quickly improving.  She can get to 11 now, but almost always leaves out six.  It is adorable.  She also has a jumbled alphabet coming along as well as bits of a few small songs like "Ring around the Rosy" and "Twinkle Twinkle". 

9.  B is making quick progress on reading.  The boys worked on it a lot while I was gone and his new Star Wars Reading game for the Leapster is helping too.  So fun to see him start "getting it".

10.  The weather is rather lovely and my garden is flourishing.  I've been trying to get some greens (lettuce, chard, and/or spinach) into every meal since my return and am mostly succeeding.  The weeds are attempting to creep in, but we are being vigilant.  We even have a couple volunteer tomato plants which I am a bit amused by and have left them alone for the moment.  It is amazing how much better everything is after a little rain.  My vague attempt at grass sowing is even starting to show some results!

Ok, enough stalling, I'm off to wax wisely about telecommuting administration and compliance... they do say to write what you know, right?  Have a lovely week!


Mary said...

Re: Maggie's burgeoning vocal repertoire, I would like to point out that Twinkle Twinkle equals the Alphabet Song equals Bah Bah Black Sheep. So maybe knowing that will really help her or really confuse her, I don't know.

Heather said...

such cute photos, Abbey! Thanks for taking them and for coming all the way out to visit us! It was such a treat to have you two. We miss you already!


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