Sunday, May 22, 2011


Every year, just about this time...
We take a trip to the farm and I take at least half a dozen pictures of these -- My mom's larkspur.  I love them.

Every year, about this time we think that surely they won't still be blooming by our anniversary...

Every year, so far, they have been.  My bridesmaids carried them as their bouquets and nearly all the table flowers at our wedding reception centered around these flowers.  A bit of a gamble with nature, but they are simply one of my favorites and worth the risk.  This year, they will show up at our anniversary party (God and weather willing).  They will again help us celebrate our love for each other.  Such happy, simple, easy flowers.  Ten years later, I still do... love larkspur.

(Oh, and my husband too, but you knew that already).

Ps.  Happy Birthday to my amazing, wonderful sister.  We love you so much Aunt Audra and hope you  have a wonderful spa day!
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