Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I've been thinking about Mother's Day in the abstract for awhile.  There have been some great mothering posts that I wanted to share.  I wanted to say something to Heather and Lori about being a new moms to a little girl.  I wanted to welcome Jamie and Chrissie to the world of motherhood to more than one child. I wanted to think of something helpful to say to Audra and Jennie as mother's of infant 1st born son's.  I have experience in all these things now.  Things I knew nothing about five years ago when I didn't even yet know I was pregnant.  It blows my mind.  I am in a whole different place. I have grown into a completely different role and stage in life and now want to help, share, somehow make it easier.  I'm not sure if I can or if it is even possible.

Know that I want to talk, blog, help, hug, "be there," even when I can't, and generally be your friend in and out of motherhood. 

Know that I love it - not every moment, of course, but love having these two little lives circling around me from quiet looks to warm little bottoms in my lap.

Know that some days will be easier and some days unbelievably hard, and most will be in between (at least for me).

Know that I look like I'm doing it all-- but I assure you I am not, not even close, and that is totally fine, good even.  It is totally fine and wonderful that you are doing totally different things than me.  We do not need to be the same.  It is all good.

Know that you will make mistakes and both your kids and you will be fine.  It is OK, it is normal, they will love you forever anyway.  They are not perfect and neither should you be expected to be.

Know that you are amazing.  Know that you are loved.  Know that you CAN do this.

Big thank you to my mom and all the wonderful moms in our lives.  You make an incredible difference and we are forever changed and better for it.  We love you!

Here are the links I found that thought you/we needed.

On mothering girls: probably broader, but some mother of girl thoughts here as she is a pro. I have a lot of swirling thoughts about having a daughter, but think Stephanie did a great job wrapping them up here.

On modern motherhood/hopes - By Tina Fey

On happiness (not so much about motherhood as about finding happiness).

On the realization that as much as things change they are much the same as for our own parents - (Hint - we really want you all to pick up your stuff and put it away, seriously).

On letting them be Little - another from Stephanie and her girls, but another thing I feel strongly about.

 A reminder to thank our colleagues for making working motherhood possible and sane.  Thank you to mine who make my situation work so wonderfully!

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