Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: DC Edition

1.  Today, I woke up way before dawn to catch a flight and wing my way back to my other place. (Much thanks to Able who helped me on my way).  I slept most of the flight, worked a long day surrounded by my colleagues and friends.  I walked out into a beautiful cool evening and explored a new or at least rarely visited neighborhood where my hotel is located this time.  So gorgeous.

2.  I stopped to smell the roses and to savor the moment. Literally and figuratively as you'll see.  This was one of those walks where you just feel like you need to go slow and breathe in the deliciousness of this moment.  These cool gardens, beautifully tended row houses and quiet sidewalks filled with evening breeze.

3.  I had dinner alone at a local place just a block or two away with tempting treats like beef carpaccio and lemon semi freddo.  Carpaccio will forever remind me of post-law school interviews where I had it the first time.  It is deliciously very thinly sliced beef usually with something slightly bitter accompanying it.  Today, it was thin local radishes which for the first time in my life I actually liked.  More commonly, I think it has been arugula.  It is not your rancher's way of eating beef, but that in no way means it isn't delicious.  The semifreddo is frozen lemon custard with pieces of cake embedded in it, topped with huckleberry compote and bits of toffee brittle scattered around..... wishing you'd joined me for dinner yet?  (For my DC friends, I was at Notti Bianchi near GW).

4.  I have had alarmingly little sleep, but have a round or so of edits percolating along that we need for the morning.  That said, we are probably in the best shape we've been as far as board preparation in awhile.  Go me!

5.  My children are extremely adorable even from a distance or at 4am.  B got up to give me wonderful hugs and I patted M's bare little tummy as she slumbered away.  Love them so.  My hubby is juggling it all with help from our babysitter, MDO, my Mom and the Korenaks.  Grammy and Granddaddy are getting a pass this time, but on deck for some time in June.

6.  We bought M this silly little recliner to add to her collection of chairs.  It is so not me in that it has tinkerbell and friends on it (yes I tend to avoid licensed characters on their stuff, I admit it), but I just new she would love it and found it on super clearance for maybe 80% off.  She loves it and has plenty of room to grow into it.  They are both really enjoying the box as well.

7.  I got to craft SO MUCH this weekend! Yeah for super husband and gracious children. I did TEN layouts and created invites for our anniversary party which are mostly mailed.  They are just exactly how I'd like them and close to free.  They make me so happy, as did the busy creative fun that was 10 random layouts this weekend.

8.  I mostly slept on the plane, but when I didn't I am reading this book: The Witches Lottery (Enchanted Island Series)  Yes, witches again.  It appears I like magical books... but you knew that.

9.  This weekend my sister and her family are coming to visit.  I am SO excited.  It has been far far too long since I saw them last in January.  We are going to Pioneer's graduation to support Amanda and also to witness the dedication of the Science Center to my Dad.  Yes, it is bound to be an emotional weekend, but so glad we get to be together even if I have to miss nearly half the visit for work.  Sigh..

10.  I am so delighted that I get to be a mom, part-time lawyer, friend, crafter, daughter, sister, wife and that I get to keep just a bit of my feet in both of my favorite places.  I am a very lucky and very tired girl. 

Hugs to you all!

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