Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One + Nine (aka Ten) on Tuesday

1.  OK, I really want to just go on a complete healthcare rant.  I hardly know where to start.  The long and the short of it is I REALLY don't like my new pediatrician's office.  I REALLY am a spoiled consumer who has been blessed beyond measure with great health care, great facilities and great Doctors to this point in my life.  Apparently, I was not appropriately appreciating how absolutely AWESOME my situation has been both in DC and here in OK up to this point.  Rest assured, that mistake will not be repeated as our new Doctor situation is so bad.  (For those new here, we have to switch Doctors through the end of the year due to some complete wackiness related to our insurance and the state of Oklahoma's weird new rules for which providers we may use--- Next year, theoretically, we can fix it.... or I may have to be drugged).

Seriously, seriously, seriously bad experience so far almost every time we've tried to make this work.  For example, pretty much never more than one Dr. there on Fridays.  And when B was in the throes of his asthma mess and needed a breathing treatment, the response was we could have a sick appointment on June 7 --- at the time that was three weeks away! (My response to Brent, that is perfect- if he is still breathing then).  Ok, I give up... I can't write more about it as I can feel my blood pressure rising.

The other nine:

2.  So this is tangentially related to 1, but M was diagnosed after much shenanigans today with some sort of eye infection spiraling out of her recent cold.  We had earlier been given a different diagnosis and preceded to hangout around pretty much every kid we know this weekend (with a few lucky exceptions) so then I got to email all of these people and their parents explaining I'd just exposed them to a contagious eye infection.... yeah, that was awesome and I'm sure everyone is loving us right now.  I am SO sorry, seriously, seriously sorry.

3.  Also related, B has started showing symptoms - this means two drops per eye, per kid, every two hours.  Fun times.

4.  Also, I get to pay my babysitter $120 this week for five hours of care.... better be the most awesome five hours of childcare ever.... (yes, I'm bitter, but do get this is how childcare works and do try not hold it against her as I know she has to make a living too).

5.  Yes, I do tend to get a bit frustrated with all of this.  Did I mention that my costocondritis came back just as M's symptoms emerged?  Yep.  So I can't pick up my whiny lil' girl who is starting to think about acting like a two year old after all (read laying on the floor crying in protest about whatever is happening just then)....right.

6.  Good news! Brent is staying home half the day tomorrow to administer eye drops and be child care while I work.  (Because working is fun?  You know it is).

7.  Ok, I'm calmer--- I promise--- From two different friends that I hold so dear as to consider them sister souls I've heard very sad news of loss in the last two days.  Different kinds of loss, but both heartbreaking.  I so want to be with them and give them a hug, make them dinner, cry together, just be there.... So sad that it can't be so, but I hope they know that despite the distance I am "here" for them always-- call anytime ladies. I love you.

8.  Anniversary party prep is moving along.  We got a big surprise this week when my Aunt Laurie wrote to say she and Kristen will be coming in for the event.  I am SO excited!  They, I think, will be the only one of my 8 aunts and uncles and 11 cousins making it as all of these folks live far away.  I so appreciate what a gesture this is and am so honored they are joining us.  I "think" that most of Brent's family and many of our friends will be there too. (PS, if you haven't RSVP'd, I'd love to hear from you!  If you didn't get a formal invite and would like to come celebrate we'd love to have you.  Just drop me an email-- my address is on the upper right of this page).

9.  We are moving closer to buying our tornado shelter.  I feel like it is meant to be and God is helping us along with this one.  My Mom sent an email offering to help with part of the money and then Brent's Granddaddy randomly gave us some money out of the blue that is almost the remainder of the cost! Done. I hear murmurs that we might be able to get a "disaster area" discount, and am investigating that as well as which company is the best for us.  We are completely open to advice and recommendations if you have any.

10.  I LOVED getting to see all the Rouse/Richards cousins playing together on Sunday and getting to see all my own friends and their kids playing together on Monday.  This is such an awesome phase of life that we are getting to share together (if you discount the eye infections).  I hope you all got to spend some time with ones you love and honoring the sacrifice of those we've lost.

Hugs and love from your slightly riled up blogger buddy.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

My question about the healthcare is this: are the kids okay with this doctor or are they scared? Also you can go to whomever you want to you know, you will just have to pay full price if your insurance doesn't cover them. If you have the funds to do that then do it; cut back somewhere else.


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