Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  What a wild afternoon!  The tornado watching was crazy today and pretty scary, actually.  A very large one came within a couple miles of us.  From the images I saw of those affected hiding in the laundry room probably wouldn't have cut it....Off to start a tornado shelter sub-savings account.  Sigh.  We did celebrate surviving with chocolate ice cream covered in coconut (well, Brent skipped the coconut).  It was a relaxing end to a stressful situation.  Oh, and Uncle Able was here live tweeting it all which I think probably helped, but also made him nervous.

2. Off to happier topics! Does anyone out there have a space loving kid (or is are you an outer space loving grown up?) Marilyn got B this AWESOME planets shirt and I am so tempted to just send it to everyone I know.  So far, resisting, but I hear resistance may be futile.   Meanwhile, B is loving his and looks totally adorable in it.

3.  I am about to embark on Summer with B home a lot more of the time. I have some great fun ideas, but also some trepidation about how I work with him here and not napping without me going crazy or him watching 4 hours of tv a day.   About half of the weeks he will have zoo or school camp so not so different, but at different times.  M will be at her babysitter Mon-Thurs half-days so she is covered.  Why all this info? Well, I find the Teach Your Tot website full of interrelated fun and educational kids ideas with a new plan about every week and thought you might like it too!  I will try and share a few more sites like this in coming weeks as I follow a few good ones.

4. Watching the progress of the storms on Twitter and other media was a little intense.  Around 3pm the Oklahoma Red Cross suggested not panicking, but that maybe we should charge our cell phones and fill up our cars with gas--- really mostly the tweet made me feel like panicking.

5.  M loves hats.  She has several floating around and requests them frequently.  Today, she wore the green hat from her Halloween costume all morning and was quite adorable.

6. Exercise is back to a good routine.  Today made six days in a row and I feel good.  Both of my prior injuries seem to be holding out fine so far, but trying not to overdo so mixing it up and doing longer exercising times rather than as high intensity as I was in February/March.

7.  We had our free energy efficiency audit from OG&E today.  I was actually surprised at how nice it was.  The guy had a few tips that seem very feasible to implement.  He left us with a package that had supplies to complete nearly half of them. Also OG&E is paying for an air-conditioning company to come out and check our unit, clean it up, and check the seals on the duct work.  It is pretty nifty and I am glad to report we were in rather good shape.  Hooray!

8.  M loves roasted cauliflower.  When we were supposed to be sheltering, she was busy gorging herself (stress eating?)  It is a good thing that she is still loving veggies as I can't quite same the same for B.

9.  This week I read some random Kindle books (read Free or nearly free) - The Amulet - which I enjoyed and was sad to see no sequel yet and currently reading The Thirteenth Unicorn - which so far is a bit less promising.

10.  Random food tidbit of the day: 5 Minute Mama: Banana Bites.  I shared one with B today for lunch (minus the flax seed and plus sesame seed as that is what we had).  Ended up vaguely reminding me of sushi and tasting very yummy.  Having fresh from my garden chard alongside definitely helped, I think.

That's us for today.  Safe, sound and a bit weary after all the excitement.  I hope you and yours are well also!

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