Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bits from the Journey

This is one of my blogging struggles-- events/trips with many pictures and stories in a world where I have limited time.  Here is an attempt at a very small glimpse of our summer family vacation/Zane's 1st birthday adventure.  There are literally hundreds more pictures that I have not processed yet, but will post a link when I do.  Enjoy!
Making bubbles around B
Friday, our first stop was the Magic House (again).  We love it!  There is so much to do, see and enjoy.  It does always feel like only barely controlled chaos with so many kids, but so far no riots, just a lot of fun.

This guy seemed to enjoy it alot more this time.  Zane particularly loved this boat in the baby area.  A sailor as predicted!

Maggie got in on the fishing a little this time and it continued to b, arguably, B's favorite part.

Audra and Zane - reliving the picture they took nearly a year earlier on our first visit!  After the Magic House we dashed through the rain for some delicious Mexican food and girl shopping before a long afternoon that wound into evening of cooking and party prep.
Saturday was the big party day!  My sister is so incredible with party decorations.  It looked awesome.  She even made those banners herself!  While we were getting ready in the morning, Able and Zach taught M how to chew sunflower seeds.  It was comical, but she did really seem to enjoy sitting out with the guys watching the grill.

Such an adorable cake.  The tiny hamburgers and hotdogs were genius! (And delicious!)

Zane dug right in to his smash cake and got completely messy just as they'd hoped.

There was a massive water gun fight (5 boys, 2 girls).  It "may" have been our fault as we did bring 7 water guns.... I thought it was highly entertaining and they seemed to as well.  This moved on to fun in the kiddie pool and home made sno cones with Uncle Zach.  I think the funniest part of the party was Maggie and Adeline having a face off over Zane's new toy.  They are both very sassy ladies and I think we were mere moments from a cat fight as they stared each other down.  Luckily, they were distracted.

After a leisurely party afternoon, Brent and I even went on date night to the movies.  An unexpected treat!

The next morning, Zane's actual birthday,  we had a fabulous birthday breakfast of sausage and gravy, then headed to Grant's Farm.  The first surprise was getting to pet the Clydesdales.  They always amaze me with their size and beauty.

Then, we were off on the tram to see the animals, ride the carousel, feed the baby goats, eat snow cones, feed the camel and peak in on the elephant and llamas that are featured in so many of our books.  It was chaotic to keep the large group together and moving, but it worked out.  My mom, sweetly, bought the kids this cool pass for most of the fun activities and it definitely made the day.

This is B preparing to feed his new camel friend just as we neared the end of our visit.  It was hot, sticky and time for a quick lunch at Audra's before heading on our way. 

It was a fabulous visit. I love Audra's house and getting to spend time all together.  We even had Diet Pepsi and Cheez-Its for my Dad on father's day.  A bittersweet moment, but good to share together.  I hope we get to make these trips an ongoing tradition.  Happy Birthday Zane and thanks to Audra, Zach, and everyone else who made this a fabulous family trip!

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