Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I keep wanting to use 8x10s in my album, but have struggled to find a way to do so that looks "right."  I was delighted to find this solution when playing with Shimelle's sketch of the week.  It keeps things in balance and reminded me how much I love this picture.

2. I tried a new recipe last week when making lunch for Chrissie.  It was surprisingly simple and still so delicious.  It is a spin on lasagna and a keeper.

3.  I find that with so few days home in these few weeks I am always struggling to figure out what to do.  Torn between productivity, preparation and savoring time with my kids. Very tricky.  I did find it easier to send M off to Ms. Kim's this morning after she got stamp ink over literally everything in the two minutes it took me to find her shoes....I did of course miss her shortly thereafter.

4.  So Grandma B was pretty skeptical about the ruffly shirt from my Five on Friday post -- apparently hot and uncomfortable? Who would have guessed.  Let's see what she thinks about this t-shirt dress? 

5.  We are maybe, finally, getting to know some of our neighbors more.  P & F* live across the street.  F is a year younger than B and they both go to MDO together and have gotten to be friends.  P (a year older than B) is now in B's class at summer camp and we're seeing the whole family out a bit more in the mornings as I think the dad is off of school in the summer.  They, like us, are against the running in the street thing that is popular in the cul de sac so may have to actually be more proactive to see them.... Maybe? Here's hoping we work it out as I know they do like playing together at school and what could be more convenient?

6.  Summer food idea:  Have you seen this image on pinterest?  The concept is putting fruit salad into waffle cones and serving.  We did this at the anniversary party and it was so good.  It makes fruit salad hand held, is a fun new twist and the crunch of the cone goes so well with the fruit.  (Careful about how juicy your mix is as the cones may leak).

7.  B was singing while he got dressed this morning, which actually isn't that unusual.  After a listened awhile, it occurred to me that it was the English portion of the Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy).  This is a commonly sung portion of a Catholic mass, but considering that we've not been to church in the last month I asked if it was from School.  He said "no, it is from my church, you know, the little one we went to with Grandma" (read Bison).  Great memory that as we were last there for Easter where this was almost certainly part of the liturgy.  Randomness, but very sweet.

8.  I am missing cooking.  Not much of that is happening here, in part because it is just so hot (a cool 96 yesterday).  Mostly, we have sandwiches or quickly cook some chard or pasta or something very easy.  This is also partially because Brent isn't around for dinner again this week which makes me less inspired to more complicated things. This recipe for Chicken and Turkey Sausage Gumbo is on my list of things to try when I return from my wanderings.

9.  My new crafting love is twine, particularly the kind  from the Twinery.  I used the Brown Sugar color from Divine Twine (a competitor) all through the anniversary party and didn't make a dent in my 240 yard roll.  Somehow having lots of it is very freeing and I use it everywhere.  I have yards of twine in several colors from the Twinery, my favorites are maraschino and blossom.  I am oh so tempted to buy other colors or maybe the sample pack. In any case, it is a great find for all sorts of crafty things.

10.  I buy a lot of random cheap or free books from amazon.  My most recent frustration is accidentally buying a book, not realizing it was Young Adult fiction and belatedly discovering that it is the focused on high school sort, not the cool Trylle sort... Sigh.  In short, I need some good book recommendations for my upcoming trip.  Any suggestions?

You'll see lots of random posting for the next week, but beware my response to emails may be slow as I flit around the country.  Oh, and if you have any recommendations for fun in and around San Francisco we are still very open to ideas!  Have a great week!

*I am refraining from adding names as I don't know them well enough to know their thoughts about having stuff about their kids online. It does start to sound like one of those logic games though, right?

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I love the way you have used the sketch - so pretty and the photo is beautiful!


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